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The Texas Border Security: Impact of Immigration


The Texas border security is widely discussed in the press, and multiple politicians are willing to address the issue or deny its existence. However, it is evident that the Texas border is illegally crossed daily, which leads to an increase of unregistered individuals on the territory of the US. Securing the border and preventing illegal immigration while allowing more people to enter the country legally will solve the problem and address the issue in an ethical, humanistic, and socially favorable manner.

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Immigration has always been one of the defining characteristics of the United States due to the opportunities and the democratic system that multiple people all over the world are eager to be a part of. However, illegal immigration is a controversial subject that needs to be discussed and address in an ethical matter. The issue is particularly severe at the Texas border because it is directly connected to Mexico and is the most common way for illegal immigrants to enter the country by land. There are solutions to this problem, but this requires certain reforms and new policies implemented on all levels.


Immigration from Central America to the states is a historical process that has started decades ago. According to researchers, this began in the 70s, and the leading causes were civil wars, economic issues, genocides, poverty, and change of political systems (Heyman, Slack, & Guerra, 2018). As the issue of illegal immigration became a concern for American citizens, several political figures have decided to pay attention to this idea and build their campaigns on the notion of zero tolerance for illegal immigration. The individual who contributed the most towards the general population’s concern was Donald Trump. Trump’s agenda was securing the Texas border with a wall to prevent immigrants from illegally coming to the states.

It is essential to point out that statistics show illegal immigrants are not disproportionately represented in crime. Researchers point out that from the almost one million arrests in Texas in 2018, less than 5% of the individuals were illegal immigrants, which is even less than arrests of legal immigrants (Nowrasteh, Forrester, & Landgrave, 2020). It can be argued that it is less likely to arrest someone who is not registered in the database because the investigation becomes drastically more difficult.


There are multiple reasons why individuals from Central America chose to illegally enter the country, one being the deplorable conditions they experience in their native countries. The US system does not always recognize such problems or is not proficient in solving them. This became even bigger in 1996, when a new act which implemented new screenings processes, technical reforms, and restrictions upon political asylum seekers was signed (Acer & Byrne, 2017) Since individuals living in dangerous regions cannot approach this issue legally, illegal immigration is the only option left.

Another frequent cause is lack of jobs and inability to provide for families. Researchers refer to the job market for low-wage and dangerous jobs as being represented primarily by illegal immigrants (Fine & Lyon, 2017). It is significantly harder to obtain a job with no legal permit to live in the US, which is why many people choose to work for employers who violate their rights and underpay their employees.


Having multiple unregistered individuals contributes to the creation of vulnerable community that is susceptible to violations in regards to jobs and human rights. Society would benefit from solving this problem by addressing the Texas border security issues and having a more severe approach. Yet, the human factor is the most critical concept in this discussion. Policymakers have to address the issue by creating a more favorable political environment (Kerwin, 2017).

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It is clear that a significant percentage of people crossing the border illegally do this to improve their livelihood, escape danger, and avoid the poverty that is waiting for them in their native countries. A system that would allow law-abiding individuals with no criminal record and a strong desire to respect and obey the US laws would create an ecosystem where legal immigration is less challenging and more favorable. It can be argued that this would only lead to mass immigration and fewer jobs for American citizens. However, as the market is growing and will continue to grow with the new implementations, the new jobs will fill in any possible gap.


The Texas border security is an issue that has been commonly discussed over the last several years. Most people understand that having a large population of unregistered aliens is bad for the economy and the judicial system, yet addressing the issue can be challenging from an ethical perspective. Political leaders are divided in terms of immigration policies. While some are willing to put resources into building a wall, others believe a more liberal approach or even open borders will solve the issues. However, the best way to deal with illegal immigration is to secure the Texas border while creating a more favorable environment for legal immigrants to enter the country.


Every country’s primary interest is serving its citizens and creating a safe and prosperous environment for them. A nation that is open to welcoming talented, law-abiding people with no prior criminal record or evidence of destructive behavior will see benefits. This is why it is best to have a strict approach to illegal immigration yet allow foreign individuals to seek asylums or move to the US legally if they fit specific criteria. Legal immigration for such people has to be politically encouraged instead of prevented through multiple restrictions and complicated screenings.


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