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Modern Art Surrealists and Abstract

Surrealism brings out the art in its purest form and this is an advantage as the imaginations of the artist are candidly expressed rather than their rational thoughts. Freud in expressing his averments on Surrealism intimates that art under this direction is used to express the hidden or pressed feelings of the artists through things such as dreams (Frey, p. 14). The Philosophic nature of surrealism art which expresses individual psychology makes it difficult to have the abstract nature of art. The possibility of consumers of the art being able to derive similar messages from the same was extremely low.

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Abstraction has the advantage of letting the artist express himself or herself without the art having an inner meaning as Kandinsky posits. In making such liberal expressions, artists are not bound by elements of art that help create an out-of-the-box meaning such as the use of color, lines, and composition. Further, Piet Mondrian in validating abstraction notes that it gives the parties the room to optimize on imagination and have the same expressed on the face of the painting rather than letting the consumer of the art make interpretations for themselves. The imaginations are depicted in visual representations that do not rely on inner meanings. Abstraction has the shortcoming of the inability to offer a hidden meaning which is a critical aspect of art. It is more inclined to the beauty aspect than it is at giving meaning to a course, explanation, or discovery.

Pop arts have the advantage of being simple with less hidden meaning as they are intended to pass a specific message to a particular audience. Rauschenberg embraces the idea of a simplified form of art that communicates to people other than the art that is more inclined towards having a hidden meaning (Kleiner n.p). Pop art has been viewed as aggressive and simple thus diverting from the elements of art. Despite the freedom of expression being enjoyed by artists, the express passing of information without having the consumers find an inner meaning to the art itself reduces the levels of abstraction which forms the basis of most forms of art directions.

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