75 Modern Art Essay Topics

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🏆 Best Essay Topics on Modern Art

  1. Theory of Modern Art
    Matisse tries to expose the fact that art cannot be clearly expressed in its pictorial form, without essentially encompassing the artist’s thoughts.
  2. Tish Jones as a Contemporary Artist
    Tish Jones is an influential artist, poet, emcee, and a master of the spoken word. This paper highlights how he interacts with the society and his contribution to the world.
  3. Modernism in Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River”
    Hemingway’s “Big Two-Hearted River” possesses a number of traits that are characteristic of the modernist literature, namely, perspectivism, the art of omission, and fragmentation.
  4. Contemporary Artists in Culture
    This paper discusses the specific features or factors that interest people in contemporary artists’ works and what questions they pose.
  5. Modern Art by Pam Meecham and Julie Sheldon
    The book “Modern Art: A Critical Introduction” by Pam Meecham and Julie Sheldon discusses various aspects of the contemporary art and the factors that influence its evolution.
  6. Contemporary Design: Evolution Queen Wall Bed
    Peculiarities of contemporary design can be easily seen in the Evolution Queen Wall Bed. At the first gaze, it is possible to say that the bed looks very elegant and even exquisite.
  7. Salem Witch Trials and Modern Counterparts
    It is essential to observe that both witches in Salem in 1692 as well as communists during the Red Scare period of the 50s were scapegoats of the society.
  8. Pop Art and Modern Technology in Artworks
    In the postmodernism of pop art, the consumer society obtains triumph and manages to colonize every form of art.
  9. Ancient Greek Tradition and Influence on Modern Art
    Ancient Greeks can be regarded as one of the groups which have made the most significant contributions to the development of different types of art.
  10. The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles: The Financial Crisis of 2008
    The economic downturn of 2008 forced MOCA to transform its institutional roles, typology, exhibition approaches, and planning and implement a suitable managerial structure to achieve its future goals.
  11. Weimar Culture Through Escapism in Modern Art
    This essay briefly analyzes the root reasons for the prevalence of Weimar Culture through the prism of escapism in modern art.
  12. Race and Ethnicity in Contemporary Art
    The artists of the late 20th focused on domestic racialized hierarchies, but the 21st century brought a global outlook of racial and ethics problems.
  13. The Making of Modern Life: Art and Design in the Nineteenth Century
    This work will examine from the perspective of visual and comparative analysis what methods of art prevailed in different centuries and the paradox between techniques and moods.
  14. The Tempest and the Contemporary Arts
    The Tempest is one of the most famous plays of the final period of Shakespearean creative work. The problems that the author revealed in this play to be rather topical for the present day.
  15. Influence of the Greek Art on Contemporary Artist Works
    The ancient Greeks introduced the humanities. The current government, architecture, literature, and sculpture take sources from ancient Greece.
  16. Photography’s Effects on Modern Art
    Photography has been hailed by the masses as one of the best means of bringing the rest of the world to the public, affording them views of far-away places and peoples.
  17. Tracey Emin as a Post-modernist Feminist Artist
    The main characteristic of a postmodern artist, like Tracey Emin, is anything that anyone does which has a profound effect on somebody or something else.
  18. The Record Contemporary Art and Vinyl
    The exhibition “The Record Contemporary Art and Vinyl” in the Miami Art Museum can be evaluated as a nice event of the local cultural life.
  19. Modern Art Surrealists and Abstract
    Surrealists and abstract expressionists explored notions of the artists’ subconsciousness, while pop and most postmodern art are appropriate from the outside popular culture.
  20. Contemporary Religious Art: Visual Art
    Art has always been an integral part of religion, and visual art is especially effective in conveying religious values.
  21. Contemporary Islamic Art: Hojat Amani’s “Fallen Angels”
    One of the artists who made a visible impact in contemporary Islamic art is Hojat Amani, whose work “Fallen Angels” is inspired by the concept of angels in Muslim culture.
  22. Bauhaus and Modernism as Art and Design Movements
    This paper argues that Bauhaus contributed significantly to the modernism movement in art and design. The paper begins with a brief historical background of Bauhaus.
  23. Introduction to Modern Art: Stylistics
    Stylistic evidence is one of the approaches to recognize the age of an art example. It applies to a distinctive way of artifact production that may be common to a certain period.
  24. Modern Art History Based on Picasso and Cezanne
    This paper is an annotated bibliography of the five books related to the topic of art history and the thematic analysis of some works of art.
  25. Modern Operating System: Concept and Design
    Modern Operating systems facilitate access to software and hardware devices of the computer as opposed to earlier batch systems.

🎓 Most Interesting Modern Art Research Titles

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  1. Modernism and Global Modernity: What Can Modern Art Offer to Global History?
  2. Weathervane and American Modern Art
  3. Was Modern Art Greater Influenced by the Invention of the Camera or Kindergarten
  4. Late Nineteenth Century Modern Art Transformation
  5. Egyptian Architecture and Art and Their Modern Art Influence
  6. The European Modern Art in the Period of WWI
  7. Art Expertise Modulation of Emotional Response to Modern Art
  8. “Why Beauty Matters” Documentary: Standardized Degradation of Modern Art
  9. Modern Art Desserts: From Mondrian Cake to Matisse Parfait
  10. Good Picasso vs. Pollock: Comparing Two Great Artists of the Modern Art Era
  11. Repeated Image and Transformation in Modern Art
  12. Banksy and Picasso’s Representations of Postmodern and Modern Art
  13. Modern Art and Its Relation to Graphic Design
  14. How Women Were Depicted in Modern Art in the 1860s-1960s
  15. Modern Art and “The Painted Word” by Thomas Wolfe
  16. “The Three Musketeers” and the Effect This Had on Modern Art
  17. Cubism and the 20th Century Modern Art
  18. Lillian Schwartz and Tracey Moffat: Modern Technology and Modern Art
  19. Factors That Have Influenced the Modern Art Movement
  20. The Use of Technologies and Social Media in Modern Art
  21. Modern Art and Design in the Novel “Babbitt” by Sinclair Lewis
  22. Creating Modern Art: The Changing Careers of Painters in France From Impressionism to Cubism
  23. The Food From Ancient to Modern Art: The Image of the Satyr With the Grapes
  24. The Concept of Modern Art From the Perspective of a Renaissance
  25. History and Current Situation of Modern Art in the Philippines

💡 Simple Modern Art Essay Ideas

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  1. Why Do Some People Hate Modern Art?
  2. The Role Movie Making Has Played in the Development of Modern Art and How This Advances Into the Future
  3. Activism as a Platform for Modern Art
  4. How Obscenity Has Crept Into Modern Art and the Challenge It Poses to the Future of Art
  5. Impressionism and Its Influence on Modern Art
  6. The Great American Thing: Modern Art and National Identity
  7. Are People Scared of Modern Art?
  8. The Major Factors That Influenced the Development of Modern Art in the World Today
  9. Merging the Traditional and Modern Art
  10. Modern Art Museums and Their Role in Transforming Societies
  11. Technology Impact Upon Modern Art
  12. One Hit Wonders: Why Some of the Most Important Works of Modern Art Are Not by Important Artists
  13. The Peculiarities of Modern Art in Comparison With Previous Art Periods
  14. The Multiplicity of Forms in Modern Art
  15. Is Contemporary Art Merely a Way for Greedy Capitalists to Make Money?
  16. Modern Art and the Impact of the Russian Revolution
  17. What Makes Modern Art Modern?
  18. The First Modern Art Movement of the Twentieth Century
  19. Political Cartoons as a Modern Art Form
  20. What Is Modern Art? A Guide to Modern Art History
  21. The ‘Isms’ of Modern Art: Belgium, Netherlands, and Beyond
  22. Modern Art in the Eyes of Today’s Youth
  23. Is Modern Art Dead? An Overview of Modernism and Its Aesthetics
  24. Modern and Contemporary Art of South Asia
  25. Why the Feminist Movement Is Important for Modern Art
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