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Modern Interpretations of the Bible

I am one of Jesus Christ’s disciples. I spent all my life discovering the truth to the people. Jesus Christ came to the Earth to put the people in a straight and narrow way. All his life, he preached God’s Word to the people but his sermons written in the Bible are interpreted in different ways nowadays.

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The Bible has become the weapon of the government which helps them to influence people. Every politician interprets the Bible in that way which is the most beneficial for him. After the death of Jesus Christ, people used the Bible pro Domo sua justifying their evil deeds to the highest motives. Even, Hitler used the Bible to inspire the Germans to conquer the whole world. It was not the only war where blood was shed like water under the lee of the Bible. Jesus Christ didn’t want the people to levy wars against each other. On the contrary, he said: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” (Mark. 12:31).

The image of Jesus Christ and his role in Christianity is debatable nowadays. Many people consider him to be the God; others deny his existence or consider him to be an ordinary man. I wonder what caused such debates about this great person. The Bible says without any doubt that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God which was sacrificed by him to save mankind and expiate sins. Instead of being grateful for such sacrifice, people continue to slander.

There are so many different religions nowadays despite the fact that God is only one. Every believer doesn’t doubt the existence of God while the life of Jesus Christ is interpreted in different ways in different religions. Muslims believe that God is one and there is nobody except God. They consider Christians to be monotheists as far as they believe in more than one God, they believe in the Son of God. The topic of Jesus’ Sonship has become a debatable question between Christians and Muslims.

The life of Jesus Christ with a wide range of prophecies that testified to his divine nature is the most important evidence of his sonship. There are a lot of verses in the Bible testifying to his divine nature:

  1. The angel Gabriel said to the Virgin Mary that her son would be called “the Son of God”. (Luke 1:32,35)
  2. God’s voice from heaven proclaimed: “This is my Son, whom I love.” (Matthew 3:17, etc.)
  3. God’s voice from heaven once again proclaimed: “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to Him.” (Mark 9:7, etc.)
  4. During Jesus’ crucifixion the Roman centurion confessed: “Surely he was the Son of God!” (Matthew 27:54)
  5. According to St. Paul, Jesus’ resurrection from the dead is evidence of the fact that he is “the Son of God”. (Romans 1:4)

There is no doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and he was sent to the Earth to give his life for human sins. The misunderstanding of the Bible causes a lot of delusions among people. It is impossible to understand the essence of faith from only one biblical verse. Many people tear out verses from the context interpreting them in different ways. A verse without a context is impossible to understand correctly. Every believer should read the whole Bible covering the whole life of Jesus Christ.

I feel sorry for those people who slander Jesus Christ because of their misunderstanding and delusions. The Son of God sacrificed his life to discover people God’s word which is unfortunately misrepresented nowadays.

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