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Moral Issues in 21st-Century Conflict


The ability to easily find information does not equal in importance to having actual knowledge. What a person really needs is the actual truth since only reliable facts help in the decision-making and achieving the desired outcome. To illustrate, let us say that a doctor needs to assess a patient’s blood test to make the decision regarding further medication regimen. In this case, the doctor needs only 100% true information because the patient’s well-being and highly possible, the very life depends on the doctor’s decision. A mere lab blood test sheet with the randomly filled-in data will not meet the needs of the two persons.

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This is the case with other people. We all need the true information to progress in life and make the right choices. If a person is provided the wrong information, then the consequences can be tragic. For instance, when people in Germany and Great Britain were thinking about going for a vacation to Tunisia, they resorted to checking information on the stability of the political situation in the country. Regrettably, the readily available guides did not provide the true information that the country experienced periods of instability. As a result, people went to the country without any apprehension. The outcome was the death of over thirty people in a brutal shooting at the seashore on a beautiful day when the sun was shining brightly, and people just wanted to enjoy life.

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Killing an innocent person is an immoral act in itself, and it means nothing whether it has some noble purpose or not (Casebeer, 2013). Life is a God-given gift, and it is equally valued whether it is the life of one person or more than one. Thus, it is evident that the argument concerning the appropriateness of killing one innocent person in order to save the lives of other people is irrelevant.

Let us consider a particular example of the situation that might happen. It may occur that some crazy man will enter a classroom, and will say to the teacher that if he chooses one of the students to be shot, the rest of the students will stay alive. In this situation, how may the teacher take this heavy responsibility, and choose the person who will die? Whoever of students deserves such a lot in his or her life? No matter who of the students is sent to death, this decision will be neither just nor moral. This simple illustration helps see that making decisions concerning the life of an innocent person is immoral.

The majority of people would never agree on someone’s death even if this death is important for their life. It is very difficult to live with the thought that another person died offering you a chance to live. In addition, whoever knows maybe the person chosen to die could be of great value to the humanity in future. It may happen that this person is skilled in science, and is gifted from above to produce the cure for AIDS.


All in all, taking away the life of an innocent person is an immoral act in every instance. Therefore, it seems that the discussions of whether it is morally permissible to take the life of one innocent person to save the lives of other people are inappropriate.


Casebeer, W. D. (2013). Ethics and the biologized battlefield: moral issues in 21st-century conflict. Bio-Inspired Innovation and National Security. Web.

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