Sociology: Economic Class and Health Insurance

  • Hypothesis: Higher economic class people are more likely to have a comprehensive health insurance
  • Independent variable: Economic class, what is the average household income?
  • Category of targeted respondents: Those with average household income from $0 to infinity
  • Dependent variable: Health insurance, do you have a comprehensive life cover for your health?
  • Categories of response: (Yes or No)

Relevant theories

Structural functionalist theory

This theory indicates that several aspects or components of society make up a system. This means that each component is interrelated to the other to ensure that there is smooth flow within the institutions that make up a society. To the above hypothesis, the structural-functionalist theory explains that society has to have different health insurance packages to minimize suffering and prolong the life of its members. Having a health cover is interpreted by society as a positive step towards self-actualization. On the negative side, the structural-functionalist theory is silent on the factors which push the high economic class to seek comprehensive life cover.

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Self-actualization theory

This school of thought suggests that mankind is interested in pursuing certain objects or opportunities that are associated with ultimate happiness and utopist existence. About the above hypothesis, the rich are interested in prolonging their lives by pursuing any available opportunity such as the medical cover to take of any uncertainty in the future. However, the theory is silent on how the health cover benefits only the rich.

Symbolic interaction theory

This theory suggests that interactive networks define society through coexistence and communication. About the above hypothesis, acquiring health care services is a sign of better status in society.

In my opinion, the structural-functionalist theory offers the best explanation because it defines the social systems that dictate the economic status in the society. Thus, the order created through interrelation is used to define and characterize what is considered morally upright in the society, especially when the persons involved have similar shared values or beliefs.

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