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Internal Communication Process in Organization

Communication climate in the organization

The communication climate in Katz day care centre is effective and ideal for smooth functioning of the organization. The organizer of the child care centre is considering creation of better communication environment as an essential factor for the growth of the day care business by gaining supportive public opinion. In the staff selection program, communication skills as well as managerial skills are considered by the organization and this facilitates ensuring effective communication within the organization. The team work of manager, director and administrator will lead to proper functioning of the organization.

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At the managerial level, the communication is facilitated by periodical meetings. The organization works on the basis of certain policies and procedures. The policy refers to a set of of rules and instructions, which are given by the top management. Before announcing the policies, the administrator conducts a training programme for the managerial and interpersonal development of all the employees of the organization. Trained employees work better for proper achievement of objectives of the organization. The main objective of the child care center is to ensure maximum care for the better growth and development of various aspects of the children’s behavior.

In the organization, after the establishment of policies and giving sufficient training to the employees, the next procedure is to arrange efficient class room facilities for children. A nice, well maintained class room creates a healthy atmosphere for the proper communication between teachers and children. The teacher creates an open way of communication to measure the inter-personal skill and emotional stability of children. The administrator works hard to increase the mutual understanding among employees by way of accomplishment of task by qualified employees.

Communication barriers in autism children

Autism is a mental or physical disorder, which affects the development of a child during childhood days. It causes many problems in the growing stage of child. Generally autism is found in three areas of the child’s behavior. The very first area affected by autism is the social and societal relationship of a child. The interaction of the society and its people towards the child is an important factor which affects positively or negatively the entire stage of development of a child.

Secondly, the language which the child speaks and the way of communication influence the growth areas of a child. The next area affected by autism is the personal activities and interest of a kid which the parents can take care of. The recognition or the identification of autism in the early stage is the first stage of the treatment. The signs and symptoms of autism must be recognized before the age of 2. Then only it can be cured in the early stage.

After its recognition, there should be a proper mental and physical practice as part of treatment. Generally, nurses and nursery teachers will recognize the symptoms of the problem. In the starting stage they can provide better treatment for cure, though there is no total cure for autism. After recognizing it we can provide treatment through health care centers and hospitals.

In the organization most of the children are affected by autism and thus they require utmost care. Effective communication is restricted among such children due to their abnormal mental development. By identifying this in the day care centre, services of four well trained and well experienced teachers have been hired. It facilitates to create better communication between the staff and the children.

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Strengths and weaknesses of the organization’s communication

Strengths of communication in the organization

In the Katz Day Care Center, communication among the children affected by autism is effectively carried out through the assistance of four well trained and experienced teachers. The staff of the organization is properly instructed by strict guidelines in managing the different activities in the organization. The effective functioning of the organization is achieved through various communication models. Most of the children in the centre have special needs as, among total 20 children, most are affected by autism. Communications in the day care centre include proper understanding of the message, its acceptance and action on it. It helps in proper functioning of the organization. It makes the smooth and efficient working of an organization possible. It increases managerial efficiency.

In order to ensure better communication with the parents of the children, meetings are conducted on monthly basis. The communication with the children is better facilitated through appointment of specially trained teachers. Four teachers in the organization got special education for treating the autism affected children. The manager is required to answer questions from the parents relating to security measures in the centre. For this purpose, the services of counsellors are arranged in the organization. These are the major strengths of the organization in effective communication.

Weaknesses of Communication in the organization

In the Katz Day Care Center the communication is affected by various factors. The major restricting factor is that most of the children belong to the age group of 3 to 7 years and most of them are affected by autism. In that age, communication is restricted in various ways. Thus communication is a difficult task in the organization. The assistance of four well trained teachers is capable of overcoming communication barriers to certain extent. The communication at the staff level is not properly planned and thus it is restricted. Co- ordination between teachers and other staff is essential for the well functioning of the orgnisation.

There are 19 people in the organization who work under the manager including 4 special education teachers, 8 teachers’ aides, 4 lunchroom workers and 3 office workers. Due to the absence of effective co ordination and planning, at different staff levels, there is delay in communication within the organization. Communication gap is felt through the organization structure affecting the communication within the organization. Organizational structure is a determining factor in the capacity of personnel for efficient communication. (Sharma, 2005).

Effectiveness of communication and example in Katz Day Care Centre

The management uses a formal communication process to convey the information to the workers. The day care centre currently employs 19 people. This includes 4 special education teachers, 8 teachers’ aides, 4 lunchroom workers and 3 office workers. Out of them, the 3 office workers are directly under the control of the management.

Mainly two types of communication takes place in the day care – internal and external.

Internal communication between management and employees

The internal communication takes place in the following way: Management gives orders or circulars to the office workers on the basis of discussion held among them. The office workers pass it on to the other employees through circulars. Finally the teachers convey the message to the children, if the matter relates to them.

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External communication between the school management and parents

The management directly contacts the parents of the children.

The total coordination of the management and employees, mainly office staff, teachers and lunchroom worker has contributed to the effective communication in the day care centre.

On verification, the autism program conducted in the centre shows the effectiveness of communication and training in the day care centre. The day centre has 20 children among whom most have autism. Facts regarding autism are as follows:

  1. 1 in every 250 babies born has Autism.
  2. Families with one autistic child have a 2 to 8 percent chance of having another autistic child.
  3. Boys are three to four times more likely to be diagnosed with Autism.
  4. Autism occurs more often than childhood cancer or cystic fibrosis.
  5. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability.
  6. In the U.S. alone, autism increased by 172% during the 1990s.” (Evans, n.d.).

There exists discrimination between the normal children and autism children. The management decided to conduct an autism awareness program in the day care centre for all children and their families. Autism which is a brain development disorder leads to impaired social interaction and communication which mainly affect children in the lower age group. Autism could be treated by reducing the family stress and improving the quality of life.

Applied behavioural analysis of the family and children and structured teaching to the parents help an autism child to acquire the self-care and job skills. The management held a discussion with all the employees about conducting the awareness program. In the discussion a plan was developed regarding when, where, how etc. It was decided to conduct the programme in the day care centre itself, which will be more effective in communicating the training methods given to the children by the teachers.

The program was conveyed directly by the office staff to the parents. The program was a complete success due to the participation of all the parents and children which shows the effectiveness of communication on the part of the management, teachers and all employees. After the program, there was an effective response from the parents. The attention given by the teachers and all the staff in the day care centre helps in the language development of the children thus showing the effectiveness of the communication process.

“One of the biggest reasons for parent dissatisfaction is lack of communication. It is extremely important in any small business and especially in family daycare. Remember day care centers are taking care of a person’s most valuable asset, their child. So it only goes to show that a parent is concerned about the level and commitment of care that they are receiving from a daycare provider.” (Groth, 2009).


Effective communication between employees is necessary for providing accurate and up to date information. It is also necessary to motivate the employees. Good communication would help to solve problems of misunderstanding and facilitate smooth business operations. It would help gather feed back on decisions. Poor communication will result in loss of public confidence towards the organization. A formal communication forum has to be formed and in which each staff member has to be appointed as member.

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While taking organizational decisions affecting the staff members, it should be presented before the communication forum. Unity among the organizational staff has to be ensured by the functions of formal communication forum. Communication between the parents of the children has to be carried out in the most effective way for ensuring the development of the children. Sense of security has to be developed among the children as well as among their parents. In order to achieve business growth and increased public confidence, the Katz day care centre is focusing on these factors.


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