Motives for Writing by Robert Keith Miller

Words: 565
Topic: Literature

It goes without saying that there are no literature works that would not be created under the influence of a particular idea, emotion or event in life. Thus, the three works of literature that we are going to discuss in this essay also were created under the influence of the authors’ personal emotional experiences and describe the situation that are exigency for these authors. The authors and work under consideration are Marilyn Schiel and Levi’s, Russell Sander’s Grub, Andrè Aciman’s Lavender.

Marilyn Schiel’s Levi’s is a bibliographical work written in 1992 that explores the author’s childhood and her memories. The woman reveals to her memories in order to discuss her present life and the responsibilities that she should held. The central point of these memories is an old pair of blue jeans. When the other takes them she feels the connection with the past and understands her desire to live her personal life and be herself.

In fact, this pair of jeans is the symbol of freedom, “a pair of blue jeans symbolizes a girl’s escape from tradition bound rules” (Miller 55). The author thinks about the times when women were bound with social restrictions and the times when women fought for their freedom. The jeans denote her individuality and remind her about the “rout” she passed to live the life she currently has and it is exigency for the author.

Russell Sander’s Grub another example of how the memories about the past can influence one’s state of mind, feelings and emotions. The core idea of the essay is that even a small detail can wake up the brightest memories and force people reappraise old values. Some readers may think that the situation described in the essay is an ordinary description of food and an ordinary breakfast.

However, it has a far more deep philosophy, “longing for the farm food of his youth, the author breakfasts at Ladyman’s Cafe on eggs and toast flavored with the seasoning of memory” (Miller 60). This descriptive passage is the author’s representation of how he author thinks about his life, actions and thoughts which he had during all the years of his life and, in fact, evaluates his own root. The breakfast with egg and toast are the exigency that pushed the author to write this essay.

Finally, Andrè Aciman, “world traveler describes his quest for the perfect scent and explores how different colognes are linked to various aspects of his identity” (Miller 87) Thus, the sense of smell is considered to be the strongest sense that “activates” memories and emotions.

Each time he feels the smell of lavender, it reminds him about his past and his father. The author mentions that his life began with the smell of scent of lavender. Perhaps, each of us can remember such a scent in his/her life. Thus, the sense and sensibility are the exigency for this author.

Each of these works of literature describes different people, satiations and times. However, the one thing is common: they all have connection with the memories and objects that force these memories to appear in the people’s heads. The three authors describe the things that are valuable for them, however, the main point of every essay? As well as the main intention of every author, it to show that human soul is sensible and these are the memories that give us the will for life.

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