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E-book vs. Paper Book: Advantages and Disadvantages

E-books are good but they are gaining popularity at a very high rate which essentially translates to the death of printed publications. This is because the aspect of having publications in digital format and available to the entire world at the click of a button, means that they can easily be freely and maliciously circulated over the internet. As such, the writers and publishers will not make any money from their works because readers would rather contact a hacker and get the entire free e-book as opposed to buying the more expensive printed text.

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Some of the advantages of the E-book over paper books include the fact that they are easy to read, mainly because of the various available functions such as zooming. The E-books are also easily portable using light devices such as compact disks and flash disks. This is in contrast to paper books, which are more bulky especially for bigger volumes. E-books are also much easier to read to paper books especially because accessing a particular item in the publication is simply defined by using the search function.

On the other hand paper books are more advantageous over the E-books because they don’t cause unnecessary eye strain. This is in contrast to E-books which require the reader to constantly stare into bright screens sometimes leading to tearing of eyes due to the strain.

E-books also require the reader to have a specialized digital and battery/electricity powered device in order to access the data. If one cannot access a source of power, then he/she cannot read the book. The paper books do not have this constraint as they can be accessed at any time provided the lighting conditions are favorable for reading. E-books are also prone to destruction by viruses and bugs as compared to paper books which can easily be protected from damage.

With the demand for pirated E-books being over 54% in the United States, authors are gradually loosing out on earnings from their works. This is a problem that if not well taken care of will eventually lead to de-motivation of writers and the decline of the publishing industry in general. E-books are primarily software functions which have to either be hosted on computers or sold as independent products which can be accessed by the use of digital readers.

It is because of this presentation in forms that can easily be transferred from one machine to another that makes them more prone to the deeds of hackers and pirates. With the world gradually becoming a global village owing to the spread of internet connections pirates can easily distribute cheaper versions of E-books by provision of cracks to counter the need for access codes.

The security of E-books and their genuine marketing is the major factor countering the development of this technology. In order to address this issue, the publishers have to find a proper team of computer specialists to come up with incorruptible ways of safeguarding the sanctity of their products.

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This includes the development of difficult to crack security codes and one-time use passwords for accessing the E-books. The law-enforcement agencies should also ensure that they constantly monitor the online activities in order to arrest criminal activities such E-book pirating before they become widespread.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that even with E-books gaining immense popularity, they are faced with a number of serious challenges which have essentially prevented them from being appreciated as a potential threat to paper books.

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