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Mount Sinai Hospital’s Communication Strategies


The Mount Sinai Hospital was founded in 1852. It is now one of the best hospitals in the USA. It is a 1,171-bed tertiary care facility located in New York. The major focus of the facility is geriatrics. This is a very complex sphere where all employees should have the necessary expertise, commitment, and compassion to be able to provide high-quality services to such a vulnerable group of patients. Since the facility is one of the best in the country, it can be helpful to learn more about certain management strategies used (especially when it comes to communication strategies).

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Communication is one of the most important spheres as it can define the atmosphere in the workplace, provision of services, and so on. Three people were addressed via email. They received a letter where I provided information about my project and myself. I also asked about the most suitable time to have interviews. The email also included a letter of consent. This letter could be printed and signed in advance or it could be signed at the beginning of the interview.

The three interviewees are Jane Maksoud (Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Labor Relations), Keiko Kimura (a doctor specializing in geriatric medicine and primary care) and Reena Karani (specializing in geriatric medicine, dementia, and hyperlipidemia).

The interviews will be held in person in the facility. We will arrange the meeting at the most suitable time for the interviewees. However, there is a possibility to run the interviews with the help of the Internet (for example, with such tools as Skype). The interview will be recorded and some notes will be made. This will enable me to get more information when analyzing the data obtained. I will be able to consider verbal as well as non-verbal cues.


My name is _______. I am having a course in MBA that requires students to have interviews with several people. The major focus of the research is the importance of effective communication strategies within organizations. I know that this hospital is one of the best healthcare facilities, which is partially due to your commitment and expertise. Of course, communication strategies employed are quite efficient if the hospital has such a status. I will ask you ten questions concerning communication strategies utilized in your organization.

The interview will take around 20-30 minutes and it will be recorded if you do not mind. The record will help me analyze the information you will provide more efficiently. I will be able to take into account all details. I will also make some notes, which will help me in my analysis. You may decline any question without explaining the reasons for that. You have read the consent form and I will ask you to sign it now. If you do not have any questions, we will commence now.


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  1. What type of communication prevails in your organization: written or oral. Do you think it is effective? Would you like to change it?
  2. What types of written (reports, newsletters, emails and so on) and oral (meetings, teleconferences, workshops and so on) communication do you find the most effective? Why?
  3. Which channels of communication, formal or informal, do you prefer when dealing with the following categories:
  • Clinical staff
  • Managerial and administrative staff
  • Patients
  • Regulatory bodies

Explain your choices.

  1. Describe a conflict (if any) you have had, which could be caused by the lack of communication or could have been prevented with the help of effective communication.
  2. Do you have to use internal and external communication channels? Which are the most effective types of channels? For instance, you could rate the following internal communication channels: meetings, emails, teleconferences, newsletters and so on. You could also rate such external channels as the website, press releases, annual reports and specific reports. Explain your choices.
  3. How is proper communication important in the healthcare facility setting? Can you focus on such spheres as communication with colleagues, patients, and administrative staff?
  4. Does the decision-making process depend on the communication strategies used? In what ways? Do you find decision-making effective in your organization? Why do you think so?
  5. Do you think your organization utilizes all possible technological advances when it comes to communication? What technologies are used? Which technologies could or should be used?
  6. Can you share an example of an effective communication strategy employed in your organization?
  7. Do you think there are areas for improvement? What strategies could you recommend? How these strategies could improve the performance of your organization?


Thank you very much for sharing your experience and your ideas with me. I would like to summarize major points so that we could be sure that I got everything right… Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you again for helping me obtain valuable insights into the use of communicative strategies in the healthcare setting. I will leave my contact information. So, feel free to contact me.

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