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Multicultural and Diversity Issues in Education

It has been noted that, with the advancement in technology, the concept of globalization has come to be part of human development. The world has experienced a high rate of free movement of goods, services, capital, and, more importantly, human beings. The world is characterized by interconnectedness and interdependence. According to Mendoza & Kay (2007), often, people are living, working, studying, doing business in areas different from their country of origin. The task of this paper includes using two major articles to write about myself with regards to the issues of multiculturalism and diversity. Additionally, this will be used to link on how it applies to my profession as well as life. It has been argued that, in most cases, the high rate of multiculturalism, particularly in the United States, has been seen and thought of as a serious problem. However, in my own opinion, I strongly believe that this offers us in the teaching profession a great challenge to demonstrate our leadership styles, skills, and knowledge in accommodating a diverse school community (Mor-Barak, 2010).

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Additionally, I strongly believe that a multicultural environment offers both students and teachers a better approach to solving problems since one will borrow better skills from others in order to deal with tricky situations successfully. Nonetheless, I hold the view that, before everyone in the profession becomes aware and comfortable in dealing with a multicultural society in the school set up, there is a need to have special efforts, such as education and training, to ensure that both teachers and parents are fully aware on how to deal with diversity in the school environment as well as helping them to consider the different cultural identities and the same be aware of any biases they hold (Mendoza & Kay, 2007).

I believe that multiculturalism and diversity issues emerge due to differences in language, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, economic status, among others. This makes it very challenging to accommodate the different aspects exhibited by various groups in the school setting. It is worth mentioning that I am always at the forefront, struggling to ensure that every member of the community in which I work is recognized and accepted the way he/she is. For that matter, I have tried my hands on various literature to understand a variety of cultures, for instance, Japanese, African-American, and Chinese, among others. I strongly believe that once one has the ability to understand other’s culture, he/she will be in a better position to successfully handle people from various cultural backgrounds exhibiting different beliefs, norms among others (Mor-Barak, 2010).

In my profession, I have to admit that the issue of multiculturalism and diversity will either positively or negatively influence the way of teaching, depending on the way it will be handled. A diverse school community will call for those involved to be taught how to handle such a community to ensure all members are treated equally. The advantages of a diverse community in the school include a range of viable approaches to solving problems, inclusion in decision making, among others. All these will ensure that the institution does not violate the country’s constitution, particularly the fundamentals of human rights (Mendoza & Kay, 2007).

In conclusion, the issue of multiculturalism and diversity is a concept that has been heightened by globalization; thus, the community one is working in is more often comprised of individuals from various backgrounds holding different beliefs, norms, and values. Therefore, there is a need to harmonize this by clearly understanding and accepting those from different cultural backgrounds.


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Mor-Barak, M. (2010). Managing diversity: Towards a global inclusive workplace. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage Publication, Inc.

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