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Museums in United States and Overseas


While researching museums in the U.S and other countries overseas, I came across quite a number. Museums are of great significance in people’s lives as they act as both recreational and educational centers. In this paper, I am going to discuss two museums that one can visit in the United States while another from overseas. To achieve this, I have divided my paper into three sections; each of these contains a description of the museum and is again divided into sub-sections. The first subsection gives location and address details of the museum, the second gives a permanent collection of the museum, the third illustrates a public focus on the museum and the last one provides the current exhibitions shown in the museum. I will start by discussing two museums in the U.S before I discuss the one overseas.

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The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM)

Location and address details of the museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is located at 100 Raoul Wallenberg place Washington, D.C adjacent to National Mall. It is on the Southeast of the Washington Monument. The physical address for the museum is 20024-2126, Washington, and the main telephone number is (202) 488-0400. The web address through which people can easily access it, online is

Permanent collection of the Museum

The United States of Holocaust Memorial Museum contains many permanent collections; as a result, there is a full collection division of the museum. This division consists of eight branches, with each branch handling a specific category of collections. The permanent collections of the USHMM include artifacts, archival documents, oral history testimonials, historical photographs, registered survivors, archival footage and library items. Additionally, it contains books, maps, films/videos, footage, pamphlets, music, and sound recordings as well as furnishings, models, machinery, photo albums, textiles, personal papers, personal effects, and government documents, which form part of permanent collections. All these collections are very essential to researchers who want to learn more about the history of the Holocaust.

The public focus of USHMM

The Museum is America’s national institution for keeping documents that are usually used in studying and interpreting the history of the Holocaust. It focuses on helping global leaders and citizens of the world with the challenges that come about because of hatred. They are able to do this, by teaching them the dangers associated with such kinds of hatred, how they can avoid genocide, promote and strengthen human dignity. In addition, the USHMM enables the nation to be cautious of freedom as it is fragile, understand the myths of progress and the way they ought to preserve their democratic values. They are also enlightened on how to respond when challenges arise in their respective countries as well as globally. The museum also acts as a pathway to encouraging visitors to observe good morals. Moreover, museums are significant in influencing the growth of the economy in countries and future development. Again, it creates employment opportunities for different professionals depending on their duties.

Current Exhibitions in the USHMM

The museum exhibitions are permanent, traveling, or online. Currently, there is an exhibition by the name Gruner Gans, which bears a message of safeguarding our legal systems from hatred. Another current exhibition of the museum is David Reymads, which protects the visitors and staff of the museum. Additionally, Danger lies on protocols of the Zion elders who fall under the current museum exhibitions. Another current exhibition is the state of deception that talks about the power of Nazi propaganda. This exhibition reveals to society how the Nazi party used new techniques and technology in writing messages used in cheating many people about their visits for new generations. It is important to note that there are no exhibition passes required between September and February except for between March and August. Exhibitions are usually shown between 10 a.m. and 5.20 p.m.

United States Army Aviation Museum

Location and address details of the museum

The United States Army Aviation Museum is located on Fort Rucker off the United States Highway 84 and 231, South-Central Alabama on Andrews Avenue and Novosel street corner. The museum is between Enterprise, Daleville and Ozark cities. Its physical address is P.O BOX 620610, Fort Rucker, AL 36362-0610. If one wants to enquire any information about the museum using the phone, the number is (334), 598-2508. The web address through which people can access it online is

Permanent Collection of the Museum

The museum contains many permanent collections. Some of these collections include aircraft, which include helicopters and airplanes among other vertical flight aircraft. In addition, it contains the technical and field manuals, films, periodicals, books, and photographs that form part of the permanent collection of the museum. Aviation students, those researching aviation and authors under appointment, use the permanent collections. The helicopters and airplanes housed by the museum help in locating the development of aviation and its use, transportation of troops, and cargo among other things.

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Current Exhibitions of the museum

There are many current exhibitions of the Army Aviation Museum. These exhibitions include the Vietnam memorial, which represents the army officers who represented their countries. Additionally, it contains the Hall of fame of the army’s aviation, which is also exhibited. This exhibition aims at giving some amount of recognition to the citizens most affected by the conflicts and those who contributed and represented their countries. The others are about The Wright Stuff that gives the story of Army Aviation. Additionally, there is The Louisiana Maneuvers that allows Army Commanders to access their assets. Other current exhibitions include Miss Clawd iv,”Bravo Blues” Ist of the 9th century, Statuary, Dustoff-when I Have Your wounded, Desert Storm and Operation Desert Storm.

Public Focus of Army Aviation Museum

The Army Aviation Museum focuses on pilot training, sales of airplanes and flight. In addition, the museum educates the public on what happens in the aviation industry. Moreover, it provides a good ground for people to research the aviation industry. In addition, the museum provides jobs to those working directly or indirectly in it and as a result, contributes to their standards of living. Lastly, the museum offers recreational facilities, which are great for the public.

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum

Location and address details of the museum

Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum was started in 1956 but the public started using it in May 1959. It is located on the Siming Nan Road, Xiamen, 2 kilometers from Zhongshan Road. The physical address of this Museum is 361005, China, CN, and its telephone number is +8605922085345. The museum remains open every day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The web address through which people can access it online is…/oversea-Chinese-museum.

Permanent Collection of the museum

The museum stocks a lot of collections both photographic and pictorial. These collections include potteries, bronze wares, rocks, plants, sculptures and photos. In addition, historical documents of overseas Chinese also form part of the permanent collections. There are also swords stocked that were used during the attack by terrorists. Moreover, a specimen of animals and plants, rocks and pictures of other countries are also part of permanent collections found in the museum.

Current Museum exhibitions

The museum displays numerous exhibitions currently. These exhibitions include Gibbet iron tools that were used during the reign of terror, trade show exhibitions, and tailor-made items such as mugs, porcelain, bags among others. Oil paintings referred to as “Makedas” are also displayed due to the technicality of the oil and gas tax code. Moreover, Chinese paintings aiming at Canadian paintings are also displayed.

Public Focus of Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum

The museum educates the public on general knowledge that they ought to know about what exists in it. In addition, it informs people about the cultures of Asians. This information enables people to hold dearly to their cultures and pay close attention to their core values. Moreover, the museum provides intellectual programs to the people and this is important as knowledge develops a country. Lastly, the museum provides job opportunities to people and as a result, acts as a means of income raising people’s living standards.


Through online sources, I have been able to discuss two museums that one can visit in the United States and another overseas. This topic is very important as museums act as recreational facilities, educational centers and provide job opportunities to their people. In addition, the information provided is of great significance as people interested in visiting the museums can easily locate and enquire any further information about the museum from the sites given. I have discussed the location of each museum, the web address, permanent collections, current exhibitions, and the public focus of the museum.

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