Tourism in the United States of America: Marketing Plan

The Mission Statement

To be the best tour operator company in the United States of America, by providing efficient, outstanding quality services and value so that we make every client who uses our services smile with satisfactions.

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Background study of U.S.A. and description its tourists Tourist attractions

The United States of America records approximately 50 million tourists annually. With many of them originating from Europe and Canada. Majority of the tourist who visit the United States of America can be categorized as; those on holidays, those who are interested with indoor and outdoor US sports, sightseeing, while others do so for business purposes.

The United States of America should enrich its indoor and outdoor sports so that to attract more visitors who visit the State to participate in these games and particularly the Canadian and European young men and women. Similarly, there are also other youths that move from as far as Asian and African countries to go and participate in the United States indoor and outdoor games. Some of the indoor activities that are common in United States of America include gambling and dancing.

Many Canadian, Europeans African and Asian who are on holiday are fond of visiting the united nation of America to enjoy these facilities. Similarly, many people are motivated to visit U.S. due to its very good hotels that offer them an incredible services and a relaxing environment. These are mostly the middle aged and the older people who have invested enough amount of money to afford such visitations.

The United States of America is rich in a number of services that greatly boost its tourism industry. Some of the services that attract many tourists in the United States of America include those people who visit the United State to see its beautiful natural wonders, historical landmarks, cities, Nightlife, accommodations and entertainments among others. Some of the renowned natural resources in United States of America include the Niagara Falls and the grand canyon of Arizona (SA’s Official Tourism Website, N.d). The United States of America should train the tour guides to guide its visitors while viewing these natural wonders.

The training of the tour guides will ensure that the visitors leave these places when they are fully satisfied with the scenery. Other natural features that are present in the United States of America include various mountains and variety of wild life from U.S. game parks. Those organizations that manage these places will require having expert guides who will help the tourist who are interested in mountain climbing do it more efficiently to avoid instances of vital accidents which are common with mountain climbing (Knop, 1999). The United States of America is well known for its magnificent hotels that attract many people all over the world.

Presence of fabulous hotels in the United States of American major cities with well trained staffs will greatly boost the tourism in the United States of America (US News Travel, 2011). The hotel owners should ensure that they engage very competent employees in their hotels to amplify customers’ satisfactions. They should also make sure that their workforce is compensated accordingly to boost its morale for better services deliveries.

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The United States of America is famous for its great nightlife. There are varieties of nightlife in the United States of America renowned States that are highly influential in attracting great number of visitors in America. The nightlife is also associated with offering superb accommodations to its visitors. The New York, Los Angeles and Chicago are among those cities in America that are renowned to host splendid accommodations and nightlife (Mintel, 2001).

Describe my services

To enhance tourism in the United States of America, I will introduce the strategy of the use of tour operators in the United States of America. The tour operators’ enterprises will entail a new business that will combine more than one service such as entertainment and sightseeing or transport and accommodations. Since the concept of tour operators is not widely used in the U.S. I will use it to intensify the tourism in the U.S. and especially along the Niagara waterfalls. The use of tour guides will facilitate those tourists that will visit the United States in groups since they will get an opportunity to get discounts for the services offered.

Marketing and promotional strategies

To create awareness and promote the new service that will be employed to boost tourism in the United States of America. The new service will be advertised over the internet. The use of internet as the media for advertisement for the new service was identified after realizing that it is the best tool that will reach greater number of people worldwide and at a more affordable cost. The Use of internet in advertisement will be necessitated by the tour operator company hosting its website where its interested clients can get more information on the services it provides. Similarly, the use of the internet will help the interested clients to book and pay for their services in advance to secure the few chances available.

Possible Competition

Most of the competition that is likely to face the new service identified is prone to come from those hotels that will opt to offer their customers both accommodation and transportation. To differentiate the services that will be given by the tour operators company from the service that will be provided by the hotels, the management will ensure that the team that make the tour operators will be comprised of very competent personnel that are highly trained in the tour guide and who are also equipped to deal with emergencies.

In addition, the tour guides will be orientated with the United States major tourist destinations so that to be very effective in their undertakings. Hotels are moistly known to offer transport to their customers while they are within their niche or neighboring markets only (Pro-Poor Tourism Partnership, 2004).

Marketing goals

The tour operator business is initially aiming to serve 1000 customers of those tourists who will visit the United States of America. The services will target those visitors who will visit the Niagara waterfalls. The tour operator company will buy some of the buses it will use to ferry these tourist and also hire others.

Assessment Criterion

The management will assess the success of the business by giving the customers a review sheet where they will rate the services offered and given an allowance to suggests if appropriate changes if needed. The management will then use these assessments to review the strategies that have worked as expected and ensure adequate follow ups to sustain this behavior. On the other hand, the company will also identify those strategies that failed to work as expected and identify possible alternatives which are likely to bring the desired effects.

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