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Music Album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

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The band called Franz Ferdinand was first formed in 2002, it is an indie rock group, all of its members are of Scottish origin, and the band initially was based in Glasgow. The four musicians playing in Franz Ferdinand are over thirty years old, yet the music they play is soaked with a young spirit. The music Franz Ferdinand produces originally is recognized as the post-post-punk revival of dance rock.

The album called “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” was released in August of 2013 in the United Kingdom and the United States. This album is the fourth one for the band. The genre of the album is vintage; the sounding reminds of the music streams of the 60s, some melodies are similar to the ones the Beatles have written. The members of the band have created a successful collection of songs united by one theme.

The theme of the album “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” speaks about the main issues all young people experience – the search of their place in the world. Even though this problem bothers people of all ages and generations, the musicians of Franz Ferdinand have presented it in their album from young people.

All the songs of the album are connected, to my mind, the order in which the compositions are put in the album’s track list is important. It creates a certain harmony or moods and a flow of thought. Listening to “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” is like witnessing a story of a young life filled with all kinds of problems and looking for the right answers for multiple important questions.

The previous album of Franz Ferdinand was not accepted warmly by the fans and critics. Years later after that misfortune, Franz Ferdinand has finally claimed to be back and win their success and popularity again. This new album embraces the typical and special sounding of Franz Ferdinand and makes it even better (Franz Ferdinand -“Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,” par.7).

Thirty-five minutes is the total time the album lasts, and all its songs flow perfectly into one another not only as melodies but as topics, they match each other’s moods so that the way the sound travels from funky rebellious melodies to slow and lyrical ones is soft and natural. The sounding of Franz Ferdinand’s music emphasizes the guitars, and the front man Alex Kapranos is doing what he can to best – adds own charisma and expression to his youthful and beautiful texts.

The lyrics of Franz Ferdinand in “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” explore the topics of romance, sex, love, rebellion, and sadness (Sheffield, par. 3). The range of emotions is wide and rich. The texts are generally short and laconic. The album begins with “Right Action,” the song that could be called an anthem of all young people. “Evil Eye” is about fitting into the society, the surroundings, getting along with own life, looking for the right things to do, as advised in the first composition.

“Love Illumination” is about the search for the right way, the right person to love, and “Standing on the Horizon” is about a difficulty to find the right words and not to fail in love matters. The search of the right things continues in all the songs of the album.

“Universe Expanded” has very sad lyrics about the attempt to re-wind the life, looking for what went wrong, attempt to make another choice, different one, correct one. The title of the album presents the connection between the contents in every song and draws ties between the choices and outcomes, the words and results, the actions and consequences.

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