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Music Elements Manipulation

The process of music work creation requires a great deal of effort in terms of conveying the primary composer’s idea through some basic music elements like harmony, tone, dynamics, rhythm, etc. Music composition as a notion is closely correlated with the paradigm of human emotive response to the environment. Thus, the music creator is primarily aimed at encoding his or her own emotions in the melody structure for the recipient to decode emotional constituents and perform a certain response.

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The creator uses a variety of alterations to the core music constituents for the composition to obtain a sense of authenticity. For example, when speaking of Chopin’s preludes compilation, it should be mentioned that all the included compositions served as a reflection of the composer’s inner life. Thus, they are filled with various manipulations to find the most appropriate means of emotive interpretation. Prelude in E Minor is an example of the overtone alterations throughout the composition to focus the recipient’s attention on the growing melody’s dynamic and culmination, which slowly fades away in the end, drawing attention to the overtones. Hence, while manipulating with smorzando at the end of the prelude, Chopin reflects upon his inner decay.

However, sometimes, the manipulations in the composition are made purely for the sake of the piece’s primary purpose. Thus, Bach’s Bourrée from Suite in E Minor is a composition that served as original French dance accompaniment. For this reason, the overall dynamic and rhythm of the composition could not be significantly altered in the process. However, the overall identity of the piece was performed through some major shifts of overtones. Hence, the composer can modify the music elements within a composition to convey the initial idea behind the music with the help of changing the rhythm patterns, presence of overtones, and fading or increasing the melody’s sound.

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