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Myra Walters’ Speech: Benefits of Doing Yoga

Organizational Component

The informative speech delivered by Myra Walters aims to demonstrate the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga. The speech is designed to communicate the advantages of following a yoga regime with support from academic research and verbally explaining how it can be practiced. I believe the speech was properly organized and followed logical transitions. It was clearly segregated into three sections – physical benefits, mental benefits of yoga, and the way it can be incorporated in our daily life (Walters).

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Introduction to the Speech

Walters first opens the speech with a few names like a warrior and a happy Buddha that instantly seizes our attention. Then she connects these words to what they really mean – different workouts of yoga. She establishes that she, too, had been practicing yoga for 4 years and hence, was in a position to attest to the benefits of the exercise. Once she establishes that her speech is about yoga, she elucidates the different benefits of yoga.


The introduction instantly catches the attention of the viewer. The very first line about the different names of the yoga exercises captured my interest. I was eager to know what she was talking about. Beginning the speech with the exercise names is an effective attention-getter as it kindles curiosity.

Credibility Statement

The preview statement immediately made me curious. She informs us that she had been practicing yoga for 4 years. This establishes the credibility of her speech. Inserting the information about her first-hand experience with yoga gives her the authority to speak about the benefits it may have on regular practitioners.

Preview Statement

Walters has a clear preview statement that categorically mentions the different aspects of yoga. She delineates how she would organize her speech, what she will speak about, and the duration of the speech. It clearly shows us what to expect from the speech. Thus, the introduction is structured and properly organized.

Thesis Statement

The speech does not have a separate thesis statement, but the preview statement hints that the speech is about the benefits of doing yoga and how regular practice can help us.

Vocal Citations

Two vocal citations were made in the speech (Walters). A reference was made to the American Cancer Society website along with the title of the article and date of publication to support her claim that yoga can be a helpful workout even to people suffering from cancer. Further, she also cites an article from the Harvard Health Publications with the date of publication, while talking about the mental benefits of yoga. Both the citations seemed credible and properly named.

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Audience Engagement

By talking about the results of the class survey, Walters encourages engagement in her topic by demonstrating the relevance of yoga to the daily life of the viewers. This engages the audience.

Areas of Improvement

I feel the speech was perfectly written. However, it lacked in execution. Audience engagement was low that made it monotonous. Walters forgot the points a few times, which disrupted the continuity of the speech. This area needs improvement.

Success of the Speech Presentation

I believe that the speech was successful in delivering the information to the audience. Audio-visual communication holds more attention and is a good strategy for delivering informative speech. The speech delivered the ideas in a logical and structured fashion. Every section had an introductory statement to ensure proper transition from one topic to the other.


While concluding the speech, Walters referred back to the three subtopics. Yes, she refers back to the introduction and concludes by enacting a yoga pose.

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“Informative Speech-yoga.” YouTube, Web.

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