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  1. Why is Martin Luther King Jr. Speech “I Have a Dream” Still Important after 40 Years?
    Martin Luther king’s Speech, “I Have a Dream” is still relevant today because it reflects the main problems and social issues affected modern society.
  2. Law: Freedom of Speech and the Right to Offend
    The current paper aims at evaluating the video with several people discussing the right of the press to offend people and the right of the readers to use bloody techniques to solve their discontents
  3. Al Gore’s Speech on Global Warming
    Using two essential constituents of a subtle rhetoric analysis for speech or text, the paper scrutinizes Al Gore’s speech on global warming.
  4. President Obama’s Inaugural Speech Analysis
    Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech after taking the oath of office. He did this while standing in front of a building which was built by black slaves during the period of slavery.
  5. Teen Pregnancy Persuasive Speech Plan
    This paper tries to persuade the Communications 111 class that teenage pregnancy is still rampant among teens in the US and has unprecedented effects on the teens.
  6. Private Speech in Psychology
    Private speech is the act of communicating with oneself for the purposes of self-guidance and self-regulation.
  7. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    The objective of this paper is to analyze how Churchill in his speech defined the political attitude of the Western countries towards the Soviet Union’s policy.
  8. Winston Churchill’s Speech and Cold War
    The Sinews of Peace known as The Iron Curtain is the speech of Winston Churchill to the United States and Great Britain that outlined the onset of the Cold War.
  9. A More Perfect Union Speech Analysis – Barack Obama’s Speech
    To write about Barack Obama’s A More Perfect Union speech analysis, examine its rhetorical strategies. ♥ We can help! ? See this Obama’s speech analysis essay.
  10. First Lady Michelle Obama Commencement Speech
    By her speech, Michelle Obama honors the distinguished Tuskegee alumni and encourages the students to overcome the obstacles on the way to achievements and be true to themselves.
  11. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    The questions concerning the actual meaning behind Churchill’s words about the Soviet Union and his choice of an audience are still open to debate.
  12. Little Speech of Liberty and Mayflower Compact
    The Little Speech of Liberty and the Mayflower Compact expresses the practice of classical conservatism in society. They both value the stability of society.
  13. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech and Its Importance
    Mikhail Gorbachev’s speech to the United Nations (UN) of 1988 is believed to have paved the way for the improvement of the US-Soviet relations during the Cold War.
  14. Effective Speech Delivery Tips
    How do we make our speech effective? Why do we sometimes remain misunderstood despite our efforts? What prevents us from being heard?
  15. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    Churchill did not believe that Soviet Russia wanted another war. In fact, he claimed that they desired “the fruits of war and the indefinite expansion of their power and doctrines”.
  16. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
    This paper discusses the Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech, where he declares about ideology in foreign affairs, and use of force in international relations.
  17. Music and Speech in Deutsch’s and Levitin’s Views
    Music is an inevitable element of everyday life. That is why there are numerous perspectives on the ways human brain perceives music and its connection to speech.
  18. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
    The purpose of this paper is to review investigate Gorbachev’s 1988 UN speech in connection with the USSR’s political and geopolitical standing.
  19. Auburn’s, Chopin’s and Updike’s Figurative Speech
    The use of figurative speech is considered a bon ton. David Auburn, Kate Chopin, and John Updike have used this technique in their work.
  20. Myra Walters’ Speech: Benefits of Doing Yoga
    The informative speech delivered by Myra Walters aims to demonstrate the physical and psychological benefits of doing yoga.

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  1. Jules Ferry’s Speech “On Colonial Expansion”
    The paper will provide an outline of developments in world trade that Jules Ferry is concerned with, his answers to critics, and non-economic reasons for imperialist expansion.
  2. Inaugural Speech of Donald Trump and Other Republicans
    This work compares inaugural addresses of Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, with the main accent on the latter’s speech.
  3. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    When Churchill gave his speech, the U.S. was expanding its influence in various Western European states and other countries around the world.
  4. Free Speech and National Security Controversy
    The First Amendment to the United States Constitution states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.
  5. Jules Ferry’s Speech on French Colonial Expansion
    Jules Ferry, a politician of the early Third Republic, is famous for his strategy of secular education and the fruitful extension of France as a colonial empire.
  6. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 United Nations Speech
    Gorbachev chose the UN as the platform for his speech as it was the most influential international organization that ensured the world order created after the Second World War.
  7. Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech for American Audience
    Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech is often considered one of the first examples of Cold War action as it drew a distinct line between the western and the eastern world.
  8. Language and the Brain: Speech Mechanics Discovering
    The ability of the human brain to correlate different aspects of language ability with specific locations in it can be defined as a localization view.
  9. Speech Disorders in English Language Learners
    The development and acquisition of language skills and speech by children have always been of particular interest for linguists.
  10. Texas v. Johnson: Flag Burning and Free Speech
    The case Texas v. Johnson explores the scope of protection that the First Amendment can grant to citizens as the flag burning was a form of free speech and should be protected.
  11. Parts of Speech Misused in English Sentences
    Every word in the English language belongs to a certain grammatical category. Every part of speech has a lot of subcategories, which determine the use of certain words.
  12. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    This paper discusses Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech and answers the questions about the board of the Soviet Union After World War II.
  13. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
    Mikhail Gorbachev chose the United Nations as his forum for his famous 1988 speech because it gave him a vantage arena whereby the whole world was the audience.
  14. Barrack Obama’s Speech on the Oil Spill Crisis
    In his speech on the oil spill crisis, Barrack Obama never promised to offer real help or a specific plan of action to the people of the Gulf.
  15. Mikhail Gorbachev’s Speech in 1988 in the USA
    The aim of this work is to review the speech made by the first USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev in the USA in 1988.
  16. Serial Killers: Speech Analysis
    The act of murdering other people is a common thing in our society. To kill one person is already a horrifying deed, to kill more than that is a crime against all humanity.
  17. “I Have a Dream”: Martin Luther King Speech Review
    It can be stated without a doubt that Martin Luther King’s speech “I Have a Dream” is among the most memorable and outstanding speeches up to date.
  18. Barack Obama’s Speech on State of the Union
    There is a tradition on State of the Union night that the President of the USA gives a speech in which he outlines his main thoughts about his country and current state of affairs.
  19. African Leader’s Speech on Independence and Future
    The paper presents a speech of a new leader of an African country that has recently won independence. It addresses plans for the future and problems inherited from colonial rule.
  20. Free Speech and First Amendment
    This paper covers the basic provisions of the First Amendment in regard to free speech. the First Amendments gave the Americans the right to speak and think freely.

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  1. Speech Differences in Bilinguals and Monolinguals
    This paper examines the differences in speech between bilinguals and monolinguals speaking English in the Philippines.
  2. Obama Speech
    In his speech, Obama starts by making reference to Martin Luther King Jr. He highlights the important role Luther played in the fight for the liberation of the Black Americans.
  3. Mikhail Gorbachev’s 1988 UN Speech
    Gorbachev believed that force can no longer be an instrument of foreign policy because he envisaged a world where peace, relations, and understanding prevailed over the use of military power or economic coercion.
  4. President’s Speech on the High Levels of Corruption
    Corruption leads to the destruction of a person’s morals and ethics and would increase people’s hatred towards that person.
  5. Global Food Security: UN Speech
    This paper presents a UN opening speech from the name of the Republic of Uzbekistan about the problem and promotion of global food security.
  6. The Speech of Thomas Friedman
    The video that we have been required to watch is the speech of Thomas Friedman, the journalist, and writer, who works as the columnist at The New York Times.
  7. President Obama’s United Nations General Assembly Speech
    President Obama is critiqued and praised as an exemplar of liberalism in international relations. His approach can also be viewed as an expression of Constructivist thinking.
  8. Eric Schmidt’s Speech on Google Inc.’s Future
    In his speech, the CEO of Google, Inc., Eric Schmidt has outlined the perspectives for Google’s further evolution. He appealed to the audience by speaking very straightforward.
  9. Drug Use and Heroin Addiction: Informative Speech
    The illegality of drugs makes it impossible to research the actual numbers of people using drugs and situations making these persons initiate drug abuse and harm their health.
  10. How a Blender Works: Commercial Speech
    A blender is a beneficial kitchen tool that can speed up the process of preparing food and help in coming up with new recipes since the possibilities of its use are endless.
  11. My Mother Is My Source of Inspiration: Speech
    Do you have an idol? Many people do, nowadays. To some, those are sportsmen; to others – pop-stars, singers, Hollywood stars and dancers.
  12. History: Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech
    In his famous speech, Churchill outlined the major challenges of the post-war world. He stressed the need to unite in the face of a new threat, the Soviet Union’s expansionism.
  13. Female Speech Community in the University
    The speech community discussed is of college students at a university. A group of female students at the university uses the terms above among others.
  14. Adolf Hitler’s 1933 Speech Mobilizing the Masses
    Hitler mentions various external and internal factors that, in his opinion, are the causes of the collapse of the German statehood.
  15. Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Speech
    Martin Luther King concludes his speech on a very moving and emotional note, leaving his audience to embrace the gravity of his statement.
  16. Martin Luther King Speech “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
    The “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” speech addresses the subject that many people fighting against racism and segregation regarded as controversial at the time.
  17. Theodore Roosevelt’s “Who Is a Progressive?” Speech
    In his 1912 captivating speech, Theodore Roosevelt discusses the meaning of progressivism coupled with highlighting the basic characteristics that progressives should embody.
  18. C. Joseph’s “I Will Fight No More Forever” Speech
    Chief Joseph’s speech conveyed a powerful message to the American government, which had betrayed the people of the Ned Perce.
  19. “Enemies From Within” the Speech by Joseph McCarthy
    McCarthy made it clear that the threat was real and the enemy was already within. The politician fueled people’s fears making them irrational and vulnerable.
  20. Electric Cars and Their Future: Informative Speech
    Choosing electric cars will reduce the level of gas emissions in the air and provide opportunities for recycling and usage of renewable sources of energy instead of gasoline.
  21. Truman’s Speech on Fear of Communism and Islam
    The speech was a direct attack on President Truman’s foreign policy, which McCarthy claimed was treasonous because it allowed communist sympathizers to run the State Department.
  22. Susan B. Anthony’s Speech: Rhetorical Analysis
    The speech by Susan B. Anthony, given after her arrest for casting a vote in the presidential election, is a notable example of American oratory.
  23. Mary Fisher’s 1992 National Convention Speech
    This essay is intended to analyze Mary Fisher’s 1992 Republican National Convention speech for verbal constructions that she used to make her address more convincing.
  24. Personal Informative Speech Reflection
    Public speaking skills are essential in the contemporary world since they contribute to a person’s academic and career achievements.
  25. Freedom of Speech in British Universities
    This report recommends for modern UK students to develop free debates and peaceful demonstrations in specific zones and prove that young minds have to be open.
  26. Hegemony vs. Counter Hegemony: Power & Speech
    Hegemony is commonly defined as a method of subordinating another population by forcing consent to domination and a foreign ideology.
  27. Fast Foods Lead to Fast Death: Informative Speech
    The fast-food industry has expanded at a rapid pace during the past half-century. The consequence has been the rapid expansion of the nation’s collective waistline.
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