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Narcotic Anonymous Experience


This paper evaluates my learning experience about Narcotic Anonymous. I carried out research on Narcotic Anonymous, its activities, and operational framework. Narcotics Anonymous is a community of women and men who have faced major challenges because of drug influences. Such women and men have agreed to undergo rehabilitation processes in order to support one another to recover from drug addiction. These meetings are important to assist and support addicted people, persons recovering from addiction, and professional experts who interact with addicted people.

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Narcotic Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is meant for people who are recovering from difficulties associated with drugs addiction. There are chat rooms and gatherings for persons who share their hardships, hopes, and experiences about drug addiction. Narcotics Anonymous chat room is where addicted people share their experiences with an aim of recovery. People who intend to recover from drug abuse need to seek rescue and support through spiritual counseling from Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Narcotic Anonymous is beneficial since Narcotic Anonymous information is proclaimed to people who suffer from drug addiction and willing to recover (Halter, 2013).

The Narcotic Anonymous forums, gatherings, and chats are important network systems that assist addicted persons to come out and seek guidance from persons who recover from drug influences. In the recent past, internet has played a significant role in social networking among the members of this group. Narcotic Anonymous online gatherings have offered great guidance to addicted people. Over the years, the internet has become a global device that has improved social networking among the members of Narcotic Anonymous; hence addicted persons are assisted from undergoing emotional isolation due to drugs addiction.

Indeed, newcomers are easily encouraged to join Narcotic Anonymous online gatherings. Narcotic Anonymous has responsibility to protect and recover addicted persons. Actually, Narcotic chartrooms have prime intention to assist addicted persons. However, Narcotic online meetings do not offer medical help to addicted people. Therefore, addicted persons who might need medical attention are encouraged by this group to visit medical practitioners (Kelly & Myers, 2007).

The Narcotic Anonymous has a website that is focused to offer guidance to addicted individuals in order to get better alternatives of living standards. Moreover, the website assists addicted persons to get online meetings and important resources that are helpful for recovery. The website also provides important links that are helpful to addicts who seek recovery. In addition, the Narcotic Anonymous website provides Recovery Literatures that give hope to addicts who are imprisoned due to drug addiction.

Such literatures are valuable resources that rehabilitate addicts. Actually, I read one of the online recovery literatures which presented twelve steps that guide victimized persons during rehabilitation processes. The recovery literatures are avenues for healthy exposures that inform addicts about their shared life experiences. In addition, Narcotic Anonymous website offers links for local gatherings to people who seek to participate in their meetings. Interestingly, Narcotic Anonymous welcomes every person who seeks to get assistance and to share life experiences about drug addiction (Toumbourou, Hamilton, U’Ren, Stevens-Jones, & Storey, 2002).


According to Narcotic Anonymous, non-addicted persons are also welcomed to its gatherings. However, non-addicted individuals are encouraged to attend open gatherings. Addicted persons are advised to attend Narcotics Anonymous gatherings to share their experiences with other people who suffer from drug addiction. The Narcotic Anonymous website states that addicts should attend such gatherings for at least three months in order to be conversant with recovery programs.

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