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National Handwashing Awareness Week

The ongoing coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) has taught many people additional lessons about personal hygiene. Hand washing emerges as an evidence-based practice for preventing the spread various bacterial and viral diseases. This initiative would be appropriate for the national hand washing awareness week in December. The move is capable of delivering numerous benefits. First, more individuals will be part of the process and make the routine part of their daily lives (Lotfinejad et al., 2020). Such an approach will prevent some of the diseases spread through unhygienic tendencies, such as cholera, typhoid, flu, and common colds. Second, the initiative will encourage more people to improve their hygiene and share the same knowledge with their colleagues or neighbors.

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Third, the awareness project will support the established programs and initiatives intended to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This new disease has claimed the lives of many people across the globe and disoriented their economic activities (Lotfinejad et al., 2020). Fourth, the approach will sensitize more people about the benefits of using antibacterial soap for controlling and managing some of the diseases caused by bacteria. The use of normal soap and hand sanitizers is also appropriate for tackling viral respiratory infections.

Fifth, this hand washing experience for the month of December is recommendable since it will help protect lives and encourage more people to engage in activities that can reduce infections. The end result is that such individuals will be empowered to pursue their goals and eventually record positive social mobilities (Lotfinejad et al., 2020). The government will also record increased savings and use such funds to support other areas of the economy, such as public health, security, and transportation.


Lotfinejad, N., Peters, A., & Pittet, D. (2020). Hand hygiene and the novel coronavirus pandemic: The role of healthcare workers. Journal of Hospital Infection, 105(4), 776-777.

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