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National Pharmacy Technician Association


One of the biggest global certified associations for pharmacy technicians is the National Pharmacy Technicians Association. This association was established in Houston, Texas. This happened back in the year 1999 and in November of the same year, the association opened a commercial office. The association started the Technician Magazine in March of the year 2000. The first yearly conference for National Pharmacy Technician Association was held in July of the same year in Houston Texas. Moreover, in March of the year two thousand and one, the association hosted the preliminary regional convention in Seattle and in August of the same year, it launched the Pharmacy Technician PR video. The same year also witnessed the starting of Rx Techs in the month of October by this organization.

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In June of the year, the association commenced the Technician Advocacy Group which is a non- profit making organization. Its prime objective is to address matters concerning pharmacy technicians for instance the registration of the technicians and standards of teaching. The Technician Advocacy Group expands and even carries out research in the field of pharmacy. The aim of doing this is to come up with ways of making better the pharmacy profession. The Technician Advocacy Group is mainly funded by a number of people and organizations (The National Pharmacy Technician Association, 2010).

Services Rendered to the Pharmacy Technicians by NPTA

The main responsibility of National Pharmacy Technician association is to promote the importance of pharmacy technicians. The association also promotes the key functions that the pharmacy technicians play. The pharmacy technicians who are members of this association work in various sectors for instance, in hospitals and at homes. The National Pharmacy Technician Association is actually a manifestation of the pharmacy technician profession. Further. The association offers resources to the pharmacy technicians who are members.

The association has a very strong establishment and is devoted to making better the pharmaceutical profession. The first core value of this association is to enable its members to comprehend their maximum potentiality. Better still, it assists its members to attain their maximum potentiality professionally at an individual level. The second core value of the association is to motivate their members. The association achieves this by offering their members the mandatory resources. Second it achieves this by offering its members a characteristic society. Third, it achieves this by offering its members with unparallel services. Lastly, it achieves this by offering its members with distinctive chances. The third core value of the association is to offer outstanding services to its members. The association strives at all times in order to make sure that its members are satisfied at the end of the day. For example, if a product of this organization does not please a client, the association pledges to replace the product or reimburse the money instantly. This same situation applies to the programs or even services of the association (The National Pharmacy Technician Association, 2010)

Benefits of being a Member of NPTA

The members of this association accrue many benefits. Firstly, once a pharmacy technician has registered for membership, s/he will not be necessitated to purchase the Today’s technician magazine for a period of 6 months. This magazine is issued twice a month and it is a journal of pharmacy technicians. The magazine comprises of an accredited CE. This accredited CE is meant for certified pharmacy technicians. The National Pharmacy Technician Association moreover, prints unique articles for its members. However, this printing of the articles takes place occasionally. The Today’s technician magazine is availed to the newly registered member in a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

The association also issues the Tech Trends trademark. This is usually a electronic newsletter. The tech trend newsletter offers articles which are rich of information concerning its state of affairs and matters which concern a pharmacy technician. The newsletter in addition has articles which regards trends in the pharmaceutical sector. The proceedings which are anticipated to take place in the association and vacancies within the organization are also catalogued in the Tech Trends trade mark. This electronic newsletter is send directly to the electronic mail address of the member once a month.

The association has a network that is made up of a number of people. This people are not only based in USA but also in other countries of the world. The objective of this network is to help a pharmacy technician at a professional level with his/her requirements. This service is free of charge. The member is instructed on a number of issues which are related to the field of pharmacy. Such issues include the ethics to be adhered to by the pharmacy technician. Normally, the member must make a phone call in order to be instructed. The association in addition offers discounts to any of its member who purchases any of its publication. Further, discounts are offered to the member who attends any of the events organized by the association.

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The association organizes local and even state seminars. However, it sends seminar invitations only to its members. The National Pharmacy Technician Association in addition offers CE and ACPE (Ulinks, 2010). Any member of the association can gain access to the CE programs. These programs are normally published in the Today’s technician magazine. The grading of CE is done online. This facilitates expediency. Furthermore, the processing of the CE is done online.


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