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Pharmacy: A Career Pathway

What Led You to Pharmacy?


One of my main goals is to make a difference in people’s lives with the skills I have acquired. Throughout my life, I have always wanted to help save lives. People suffer from various diseases, some of which are treatable. I would therefore consider myself lucky to help save their lives. To achieve this, I decided to pursue Pharmacy since I enjoyed working with chemicals as well as understanding their patterns and structures. This is mainly because it would enable me to use my skills in helping others. In essence, pursuing Pharmacy has placed me in the best position to help others.

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Secondly, pharmacy is vital to research and treatment of fatal diseases. Various researches are currently conducted with a view to introducing new drugs that are more efficient. Moreover, treatment for cancer has been a problem ever since it began. I therefore aim to be part of solution to these problems. In addition, I have worked as a volunteer and the experience was quite fascinating.


My interests have always been in chemicals since childhood. For instance, I frequently found myself reading the backs of toothpaste boxes and labels on aspirin bottles. I really wanted to decipher the mysterious language printed on those products. Moreover, I wanted to analyze and understand what the products did as well as how they affected human body. My interest in chemistry begun during sophomore year in high school. It was my first time to attend a chemistry class. The first day of class was quite dull for me. At first, I thought that chemical equations were systematic codes composed of letters. However, after few weeks in class, I began to see chemistry as a puzzle whose pieces fit in a pattern. Later on, I began to see the essence of chemistry to life. I was therefore encouraged to learn more about how chemicals could be used in saving lives. In my search for the right career, I found chemistry to play a significant role in my choice of pharmacy. In addition, volunteering in hospital for one year was quite interesting. Furthermore, my interaction which patients and understanding of drug usage was quite fascinating. In essence, all these led me to choose pharmacy among other options.

Other Factors

It is quite important to note that other factors played a significant role in my decision to choose pharmacy. These included my experience as a volunteer in hospital, as it exposed me to other professional pharmacists. Consequently, this worked to boost my desire in pharmacy. In addition, exemplary performance in chemistry, along with support from my colleagues and parents was vital in making the choice.

What are Your Career Options

Understand Aware New Options
Pharmaceutics Pharmacognosy Medical Science Liaison
Pharmacy Administration Critical Care
Pharmacy Practice Emergency room
Adult Medicine Geriatrics
Immunization services Internal medicine
Drug Information PharmacoKinetics
Infectious diseases Manufacturing
Intravenous Drug therapy Postmarketing Surveillance
Medical Oncology Product Control Quality
Nutrition Regulatory Affairs
Pain management Clinical Research
Pediatrics Biological Sciences
Poison Control Nuclear
Psychiatric Bureau of Prisons
Public Health Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS)
Dentistry Department of Defense
School of pharmacy Department of Health and Human Services
Medicine Third Party Insurance/Pharmacy Benefits management
Franchise U.S. Pharmacopeia
Home Health Care Computer Technology
Long Term Care Accreditation Surveyors
Office-Based Practice Legal
Continuing Education
Professional relation
Project management
Medicinal Chemistry
Basic Research
Distribution and Control
Drug Enforcement Administration
Health Resources and Services Administration
Indian Health Service
Substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Public Health Service
Board of Pharmacy
Department of Consumer Affairs
Department of Health
Medicaid Services
Professional Publications
Wholesale Services
Mail Order
Pharmacy Associations
Specialty Pharmacy

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