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Natural Selection and Genetic Variation


The process which describes the likelihood of the transfer of characteristics, or traits, which enables the survival and reproduction of an organism in generations to come; to be obtained easily in a population is referred to as natural selection. The difference in the genetic content of organisms is indicative that certain group of organisms will stay alive, and effectively reproduce than other organisms residing in the same environment. Natural selection operates base on the characteristics of organism that are very obvious. Genes are the source of the comparative advantage enjoyed by some of the organisms prevalent in a given population. Natural selection is thus an important procedure through which evolution is accomplished in a given population of organisms. The term natural selection was first used by Darwin in one of his books on the foundation of organisms. Natural selection is one of the most important topics on which modern biology is hinged (Rafael, 2010). It is also important to note that this topic was earlier researched without the present day theories of heredity.

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Examination of Genetic Variations

The change in the genetic content of an organism can be due to environmental factors. For instance, when an organism is exposed in an environment that is saturated with mutagen, his deoxyribonucleic acid is likely to be altered; this method is currently being utilized by a lot of researchers in caring out experiments. For example, they expose bacteria’s to mutagens and then offer them a selection opportunity by introducing harmful drugs in the same environment. The results gotten from this experiment are indicative that some of the bacteria’s exposed in the mutagen saturated environment survive, and others will die as a result of their inability to compete effectively. What is left for the scientist is to find out the alteration that occurred in the DNA, and how it came about. It is important to note that, this form of experiments produce results more often for small and rapid reproducing organisms. Other genetic mutations occur as a result of the malfunctioning of the enzyme that is responsible for the duplication of the deoxyribonucleic acid. Sometimes when the malfunctioning of the polymerase is critical, the entire cell is destroyed. Again altering a single amino acid can result to a complete alteration in the utility of the protein, often times this alteration is beneficial and at other instances it is detrimental. Competition among organisms somehow determines whether an organism will survive or not. A critical review of literature indicates that evolution and natural selection are the major ways through which man came in to existence (Judson, 1996, pg. 67).


A lot of theories have been propounded about the creation and the survival of organisms, these theories before now succeeded in explaining certain things about the origin of human nature. But this area of research has remained one of the most controversial of all times. The topic has been made more confusing today, as a result of better understanding of biblical doctrines concerning the creation and survival of organisms. One basic truth is that the type and nature of the gene transferred from a parent to an offspring determines to a great extent how that organism will be able to compete effectively with others in the environment.

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