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Netflix Inc.’s International Strategies

Commercial transactions between organizations of different countries are governed by many factors, among which one of the most important is the chosen international strategy of the company. There are four types of such strategies in total: international, multi-domestic, global, and transitional (Grünig & Morschett, 2017). Each of these strategies shows how much the company adapts to the country’s tastes in which it is spreading and to its economic situation. Low production cost and efficiency are the main goals of global and more transitional strategies. At the same time, if a company does not adapt its products for each country, this strategy is international and multi-domestic; on the contrary, it responds to local culture and needs.

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With food products and international coffee and restaurant chains, everything is quite obvious – for example, companies do not sell pork products in Muslim countries. However, even companies such as Netflix are already adopting a multi-domestic strategy, even though their American series are popular worldwide (Brennan, 2018). However, in my opinion, the best for the brand’s reputation is the international type of strategy, since this fact allows the company to produce the same quality products anywhere in the world. As a rule, of course, non-adaptable products are expensive and belong to the category of luxury that not everyone can afford.

However, the international type of strategy will allow for a direct marketing campaign recognized everywhere, thereby enhancing brand awareness and associativity. The best strategy for art companies such as Netflix is to promote their best products, even though they have a solid American flavor. Regarding the distribution of their films and cartoons, other companies, for instance, Warner or Disney, adhere to an international strategy, leaving other types of strategies for related activities (Wasko, 2020). Multiculturalism is a modern trend, so communication between two cultures through familiarization with TV shows and films will be much better than compromised solutions with broadcasts.


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