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New IT System for Use in Nursing Home


The demand for the system was inspired by an increased number of the aged in a nursing home. Hence, there is an increased need for personal care as most of them would not take care of themselves (Prazak, Et al. (2001). Record management and proper handling of their cases are the main aim objectives which the new system will be able to achieve by the use of a bracelet with a microchip which will be worn by the aged peoples and the server version of the system which will be synchronizing the details in the microchip and the server in real-time. According to Grudin, (2010) use of a server system and a bracelet system will ensure that the records of the aged and administration information are managed separately. Hence, being more secure and reliable.

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The success of the project will mainly depend on if the project manager will be empowered by the management of the nursing homes to make independent decisions and manage the project with less interference (Stewart, 2009).

New IT Bracelet System

The bracelets will be used by aged people therefore it is much important to ensure that the system is easy to use, learn and implement. There is a need to indentify the bracelets with ease by having them branded.

The system require to be free of errors and easily upgraded as the needs of the users would be changing often such upgrade should be eased by having the system well documented in all its operations and application.

Application of the Bracelet

The bracelet should have a seal which protect it from being removed by the patients/aged. Hence, it ensures that it is always worn by them. The microchip in it is therefore exposed to harsh conditions as the patients would not know the importance of it therefore due care is not guaranteed. This would prompt the designer to make sure that the bracelets are water proof.

Currently the bracelets will be collecting data of blood pressure, Temperature, blood sugar level and generate a signal which would be used to trace the patients, all this is done without the knowledge of the patient. The date collected by the microchip should be relayed to the server on real-time. For control of their movement if the patient is far beyond 250 M’s from the server which is the radius distance of the compound when they are hosted it would raise an alarm at the server which would prompt the security personnel to bring back the patient into the compound. Such security measures are put in place because they could easily get lost especially those are energetic and are suffering from mental retardation.

Need Identification

The feasibility study will be the first step in designing the new system for the aged (Stewart, 2009). Need Identification/requirement and specification is the first process in System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) which also has system analysis, design, program coding and testing, implementation and deployment of the system (Stewart, 2009). At this stage systems analysts will source for information which will be the bases of the new system which is being designed. The feasibility study will be done mainly to source for the information required for the server system and the details which will be required to be stored in the microchip to be placed in the bracelet. The study will identify the information of the patients, doctors and medication which will be required to be stored in the bracelets.

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According to Prazak, Et al. (2001) involvement of all users from the inception of the system all along all the stages of research and development of the system makes it successful. The systems analysts will use different methods to source for information which will enable them understand the operations of the home of the aged. They will use both oral and written interview to the managers and the homes, staff, the aged, and those who took them to be taken care of at the homes. Secondly, they would read the documentation such as records of operations of the organization to obtain recorded information. Thirdly they should observe the services being rendered and understand them and finally they should volunteer and work in the organization for a few weeks to have a hand on experience on what is required of the system for it to meet.

Analyze the finding

In system analysis, the findings of the feasibility study will be analyzed to obtain the actual needs which should be addressed. In this case it will indentify the counseling needs, companionship types of activities that keeps the aged busy in the home. The finding will need to be categorized first to have the different categories of needs which the indentified information which is meaningful will then be documented and passed over to the design stage.

According to Díez, Et al. (2008) its during analysis stage which the analyst will decide on the size of the bracelet and the appropriate materials which it should be made of. I would recommend it to be waterproof to prevent the microchip from getting water and its battery to be long-lasting. The storage capacity of the microchip will mainly depend on the data which will be identified necessary to be stored in it.

System Design

The design of the system will mainly be done according to recommended findings of system analysis. When In receipt of the requirements system analysts design the different structures which they want to be incorporated in the systematics. System analysts would decide on the appropriate database and programming language to use to develop it. The analysts should design the database which will store all the data/information of the system (Pardeck, & Murphy, 2006). Design the screen layouts and interface of the system. Entity-relationship database design will be done to ensure data tables are well interlinked and related to eliminate duplication and ease customization of reports from different applications. Design of the interfaces will be done in considerations of the languages which the system should use to be applicable to the aged in the regions depending on its market areas.

Its also at this stage a company which makes bracelets will be contracted to make them and deliver for integration of its operations during coding of the new system.

Program coding and testing

The system designs done earlier will be coded in this stage. The coding will be done for every unit which will then be tested as a unit. The units will then be integrated to form the larger system. Hence, its integration and the system will as well be tested if it is well integrated and if the entire system is running without errors.

User acceptance test is meant for the users to test the system if it meet their expectations and its intended needs which is also known as its performance. During coding, integration and testing the programmers should ensure that they test the system fully for compatibility of the bracelets microchip, date being stored in it and what is being stored in the server. Codes should then be documented following standardized method of documentation to ensure that its would be easy to upgrade the system or rectify it in future with ease as any qualified programmers would be able to study it and work on it.

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Training, Implementation and review

There is need to train user to ensure they understand the operations of the system. According to Pardeck & Murphy, (2006) success of the system mainly depends on whether the users to implement and use it are well equipped with all information and skills which is necessary. Although there are several methods which would be used to implement it I would propose use of a parallel method such that as the new system will be introduced in the old system will as well be in used and will be scrapped off once the new system has successfully implemented and its operating with no hitches (Beynon, 2009). The aged will need to be trained on use of the bracelet and make them understand its benefit in service provision so that they would be cooperative and accept it. Acceptance of new systems is one of the major changes which makes its implementation not to be successful.


The growing need of nursing care of the aged will be addressed by this system. The aged will be fitted with bracelets which has microchip inside which will be communicating with the organization server. The chip will personal details of the person, ailment if any or health issues being addressed, prescription if any or the care which they need.

The chip will also have the capability of monitoring the aged person and send a signal to the server if they need any attention such as medication, counseling or company when they are lonely.


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