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Newborn Screening Tests Importance

The orientation of the United States’ healthcare facilities on the promotion of population health is explicitly seen in the first months of children’s lives. Hence, infants are provided with a variety of medical services to ensure the proper functioning of their bodies. In this case, the most critical aspect addressed by the hospital personnel is connected to various testing and screening procedures intended to predict potential deviations from norms and take the corresponding action to eliminate the risks.

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These processes are the checks of different body systems vital for the overall wellbeing of infants. They include the examination of metabolic, hormone, hemoglobin, and other problems affecting their health status (Cellucci, 2019). The screening is performed with the help of a small blood sample taken from a child’s heel (Cellucci, 2019). It is usually done during the first two days of life before they leave the hospital (Cellucci, 2019). However, depending on the state, the sample can be taken twice: after birth and in two weeks (Cellucci, 2019). The tests’ results are ready within 5-7 days in most cases, and for hearing loss and heart disease, they are available right after screening (Cellucci, 2019). In this way, doctors can plan the required timely interventions for each patient regarding their identified conditions.

To summarize, the first tests and screening procedures are extremely important for infants’ health status in the future. They are all performed with the use of blood samples which are sometimes taken several times within the first weeks of life. These measures are not only beneficial in terms of the definition of complications requiring the particular attention of doctors but also allow to prevent the development of diseases and infections revealed in the result of such tests.


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