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Nike+: Advice and Recommendations for Development

There are not so many companies that may be called undoubtedly known to everyone in the world. Nike hardly needs to be represented as since its very appearance this manufacturer has been pursuing an active policy of development and attracting new partners. A virtual platform for runners Nike+ offer the goods that are the product of a big team of professionals, and all the initiatives, as a rule, find their application and are successfully implemented.

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Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

The seamless connection of such a well-known brand as Nike with modern technologies has led to the continuous emergence of new devices and applications developed by the company in cooperation with other world-famous manufacturers. As Buhr (2016) notes, Nike+ Fuelband is created specifically for active people motivated by the desire for victory. However, there are always ways for improvement. One of the possible target areas of the company’s development is even closer cooperation with the leaders of the digital market. Nike is already a partner of the strongest sports clubs on the planet; however, a contact with such organizations as Apple, Samsung, Sony and other teams will help develop new lines of business and strengthen positions in the global market. Digital technologies never stand still, and Nike + platform, where samples of the latest scientific thought of experts are collected, is a vivid confirmation.

According to Elowsson and Johansson (2013), Nike is one of the pioneers in the sphere of digital marketing. Goods like smart watches are likely to become familiar if appropriate advertising initiatives are taken to establish cooperation with other large companies. This direction of sales today is one of the most promising, and if Nike continues to develop in this direction, its products will be in demand and will be able to withstand competition in the market. The initiative in favor of this sphere can become a strong beginning of the transformation of the corporation from exclusively a manufacturer of quality sports equipment to also a reliable and trusted supplier of digital products.

Relations with Customers and Marketing Solutions

The participation of Nike and Nike+ platform in the development of technologies for runners and athletes provides the company great popularity among consumers who regularly send new proposals for improving or supplementing already existing devices. It is likely that some of these suggestions are entirely based and have reasonable arguments. For example, according to Baloian, Burstein, Ogata, Santoro, and Zurita (2014), Nike+ is one of the successful examples of how a virtual training and guidance system works for amateurs and professional athletes. If the corporation continues to improve this platform and listen to the opinion of consumers, it will be able to achieve an even higher level of popularity and sales.

The promotion of the program through advertising will improve work in three areas. Firstly, the demand for goods and materials will get higher. Secondly, an increasing number of network users will be able to learn about Nike+ service and pay attention to this system. And thirdly, the popularity of the platform will allow the company to reach a new level and, possibly, become a partner of other large organizations that specialize in sales of other equally popular products. As Elowsson and Johansson (2013) note, the brand value allows any company to develop business ideas and improve market positions. It is possible to increase the effectiveness of online marketing if Nike becomes a participant in a new large-scale project in cooperation with another no less great corporation. In case the partnership is mutually beneficial, potential buyers will often hear the brand name and pay attention not only to joint products but also to new goods manufactured by Nike.

Thus, a successful implementation of all the initiatives and advertising courses in Nike+ system is entirely justified, and the products made by this company always find their application in the market. A qualitative marketing policy along with new ideas will allow to increase Nike’s positions and not only to bring profit to its owners but also to please consumers with the quality of the goods.


Baloian, N., Burstein, F., Ogata, H., Santoro, F., & Zurita, G. (Eds.). (2014). Collaboration and technology: 20th international conference, CRIWG. Santiago, Chile: Springer.

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