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Nike Inc.’s Company Analysis and Missions


History/background. Nike, Inc. appeared as a venture in 1964 when its current competitors, Adidas and Puma, were already dominating the sportswear market (Verbeke et al., 2019). Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman were the founders of the venture and initially aimed to develop high-quality running shoes. After becoming the leading sports shoe company, Nike continued to grow and opened its manufacturing locations abroad: in Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and other countries. Today, the company’s assortment includes shoes, clothing, sports accessories, and equipment.

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Mission/vision/values. The mission of the company is to create sustainable products of high quality to inspire and encourage the target audience.


Customers. The products of the company are intended for the general audience of any sex and age who are interested in sport and follow an active lifestyle.

Competition. Nike’s major competitors are Adidas and Puma, which appeared before the foundation of Nike, Inc. Another competitor is Reebok, which is now is a subsidiary company of Adidas.

Substitutes. The company’s substitutes are sportswear and equipment produced by its competitors.

Suppliers. The major suppliers of Nike are Chinese and Vietnamese manufacturing companies.

Core Capabilities. The company is famous for its sustainable products of high quality. It also cares about the environment and encourages ecologically-friendly manufacturing.

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Human Resources

Nike, Inc. has its human resources department, which attracts employees and creates comfortable conditions for their professional growth.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy

Nike, Inc. offers employment opportunities for people of any sex, race, or religion. It underlines the diversity of its team and follows the idea of equality and inclusion (Diversity and Inclusion, n.d.).

Company Structure/Work schedules

Company Structure. Nike is a company with a matrix organizational structure; it also follows a geographical divisional structure to reach potential clients in different parts of the world (Sobiya, n.d.).

Work schedules. Nike, Inc. offers different work schedules, including full-time and part-time. At the same time, there are many opportunities for freelancing and working flexible hours.

Recruitment and Selection Processes

Recruitment Process. It is possible to apply for the job personally; moreover, the convenient job application system on a company’s website allows potential employees to choose the desired position and fill out the application form online.

Selection Process. The employees are selected based on their education, professional achievements, motivation, and special talents.

Training and Development

Nike, Inc. encourages its employees for their professional growth and has different educational programs available. Moreover, the company offers opportunities for an internship, including graduate and undergraduate programs.

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Appraisal System

There is not much information about the company’s appraisal system. However, since Nike pays a lot of attention to the professional development of its employees, training, and educational programs allow managers to evaluate and increase the workers’ professionalism.

Pay System

Employees are paid according to their performance; incentives and rewards are also widespread in the company.


Insurance. Nike, Inc. is highly concerned about the health and well-being of its employees. It provides a range of life health insurance packages.

Vacation. The company offers paid time off, holidays, and summer hours.

Safety and Health

Safety Program. Nike provides safe and comfortable working conditions for every employee.

Health/Wellness. The benefits offered by the company include fitness opportunities and discounts.

Employee Discipline

The company’s priority is respect and equality within the team of workers.

Union Involvement

Nike employees may join different communities of workers, such as Latino and women employee networks.

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International HR

Nike’s HR departments are located in different countries of the world. Besides, it is possible to contact international HR through the company’s website.


Nike, Inc. can be called a successful company in the sphere of sportswear. Its values and the quality of products attract customers around the world. Moreover, the company encourages the diversity and equality of its personnel and offers benefits for current and potential employees, which makes it an attractive workplace. At the same time, since this market is growing rapidly, there is a risk of high competition within the industry. Therefore, the company needs to constantly develop manufacturing to maintain its high position on the market.


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