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North American Colonies: Virginia and Massachusetts


From the very beginning the new territories were opened up to search for some new sources of minerals, fur, natural resources, wood, and other different useful things for which the developed territories could be rich. One more reason to establish colonies on the territory of Americas was the religious beliefs, as not all the people could live under the oppression of the religious controllers. Most people who possessed the religious traditions different from those of the governing powers had a great deal of courage and despair to made up their minds to leave the way of life they were accustomed to and to go to another country, to another continent. They were courageous people as not all of them saw land after the voyage, because many of them were shipwrecked. Nevertheless, people that were persecuted had no other choice than to take a risk and to go to the New World.

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The Colony of Virginia is one of the first British settings on the territory of America. First all the settlings of the Eastern shore were called the Colony of Virginia, but then there appeared new towns with their own governors, religious beliefs, goals with which they were established and social structure. The Colony of Virginia was not successfully established from the first attempt, it took some time to achieve the high goals.

The Virginia colony was to be named to the Virginia Council, and the London Council had provided the first settlers of the Virginia colony with specific directions about the place of establishing the colony. The settlers were prohibited to do the harm to the natives. The goal of the colony was “the evergreen search for a north-west passage to the Pacific” (Fender 12). But this goal was not reached. Then the settler had to search for some minerals as gold and copper, but they did not find any.

The Massachusetts Bay Colony can be considered to have been established by the founders of the Colony of Virginia. As the territory was rather rich for different mineral resources and other useful sources, it was decided to establish a colony here. Besides, most settlers of the new territories were victimized; others were just banished or were looking for a shelter from the anger of the governor.

The social structure was the same in many colonies. There was one governor who was in charge of the territory; though there were cases when the governor was in Britain and it took a lot of time to get to the governed town. But the religious customs and traditions depended on the people that inhabited the town. If the most inhabitants were puritans, the Puritanism became religion of this town.

On the territory of the Massachusetts Bay colony people who were free had a right to vote in order to give all judicial, legislative, and executive power to the Governor or his assistants. After that the assistants created taxes, set uptown boundaries, and elected officers. The religion was the Puritanism which was considered to have a monopoly in the sphere of religion.


The inhabitants of both the Colony of Virginia and the Massachusetts Bay Colony had the same religion, had liberalistic points of view, as they have been oppressed before, they lived in peace with natives and tried to establish friendly relations with other colonies, new settlers even if they had another religion.

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