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Northern Miami Community Windshield Survey

Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443 Community Health Nursing

Criteria Your response

Introduction of Community (20 points)

Identify the city and state of your community and briefly describe the community you will be using for this assignment. It should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting but must include a residential area. Demographic data are not needed.

The community selected for the assessment is Miami, FL, its northern districts. It is a big area that attracts tourists. Inhabitants are not hostile and tolerant. There are no conflicts between the members of the community. It has a diverse ethnic composition.

Windshield Survey (75 points)


Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the community vitality.

One can observe many people in streets walking around or communicating with each other. There are many young people and teenagers who comprise the majority of people visible in streets. The dominant ethnicities are Hispanic and Caucasian. All inhabitants are well-dressed and have a pleasant appearance. They look healthy and satisfied. There were no people with disabilities in streets. No smoking or drinking individuals were noticed. However, during the observations, the increased number of obese people was seen. The community remains attractive for tourists. There are numerous foreigners or citizens from other states enjoying the views. Additionally, we can see many young pregnant women or young mothers with baby carriages.

Indicators of social and economic conditions

Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social and economic conditions.

The bigger part of houses is multifamily structures. They remain in a good state and attract people. Moreover, some areas undergo urban renewal in accordance with the accepted project. There are numerous cars and bicycles in streets. At the same time, people also use mass transit to reach certain areas. Bus stops are neat, and people can wait for vehicles sitting in the shade. Individuals also use public transport to go to the hospital. There are multiple indicators of available jobs in streets. The majority of them offer places in local factories. No homeless people are noticed during the observation. There are also no men or women congregating in groups. It is an urban area which means that there are no seasonal jobs. Multiple public and private schools can be found in the area.

Health Resources

Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the health resources.

Investigating the community, numerous hospitals and clinics are discovered. There are at least two family planning clinics, multiple dentists offices, a rehabilitation center, blood donation facilities, and a high number of pharmacies and drug stores (CDC, 2013). No nursing homes are found. All units mentioned above can be easily reached either by car or using a public transportation system. Altogether, these health resources can be considered sufficient to meet all residents needs, provide them with the high-quality health care or address health problems peculiar to the area.

Environmental conditions related to health

Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the environmental conditions.

There is no evidence of pollutants or other factors that might deteriorate the quality of water, ground, or air. On the contrary, the environmental situation in the area can be characterized as an outstanding one. The sanitary condition of the housing is satisfactory. Dwellings are clear and new. Roads are equipped with traffic lights. People with disabilities might use specific signals to avoid injuries and cross streets. Roads are not congested. Almost all buildings have handicapped access. Regarding the fact that a significant part of the population goes play sports, there are numerous recreational zones. There are also multiple playgrounds for children. Additionally, the area is full with fast-food restaurants for people to have a meal. Public restrooms are clean and available for individuals. No signs of stray animals were discovered.

Social functioning

Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the social functioning.

There are many complete families in the area, but sometimes single-parent ones can also be observed. Grandparents walk with their grandkids and look after them. Students, mothers with children, men with common interests, and the elderly form their subgroups and communicate with each other. In general, people are friendly and demonstrate supportive behavioral patterns. They know much about their neighbors’ lives and are interested in them. They might also discuss problematic issues related to the communitys functioning. Multiple confessions are presented in the area. These include Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian. They coexist and do not provoke religious conflicts. In general, there are no signs of social tensions.

Attitude toward healthcare

Use a majority of the questions from Box 6-2 in your text to describe your observations about the attitudes toward healthcare.

Standard practice medicine is accompanied by folk medicine practices including herbal shops offering natural products to inhabitants. Health resources are well utilized. Medical centers are equipped with innovative devices that are used to provide outstanding care. At the same time, there are several attempts to improve the health of people living in the area by suggesting lectures and seminars about healthy lifestyles and the most topical health issues (CDC, 2013). Nevertheless, no prophylactic work is observed. It can be partially explained by the absence of critical health problems threatening peoples quality of life. Altogether, much attention is devoted to this aspect.

Vulnerable population (20 points)

Describe a vulnerable population or aggregate that you identified during your survey. What did you observe about this group such as their appearance and actions?

Regarding the high quality of life in the community and the increased well-being, the problem of extra weight typical for areas with these features arises. The vulnerable population is comprised of obese middle-aged people with poor food habits and the tendency towards the consumption of fast-food. The problem is complicated by the emergence of numerous risks traditionally associated with obsession and the high probability of the development of different types of diseases (Minges et al., 2016).

Conclusion (20 points)

Provide a summary of your findings. Describe several potential community health problems for the vulnerable population that you identified.

Altogether, the analyzed community could be described as a prosperous and friendly society with the high level of development. It is free from social tensions. The most critical health issue discovered in the community is obesity. Some other problems such as heart diseases and reduced quality of life can be associated with it as extra weight results in the emergence of diverse complications and increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes (CDC, 2017). The vulnerable population is a middle-aged people with inappropriate food habits.

References: References are not required for this survey

If you used references, they must be listed in APA format. If you include any references here, you must also include an in-text citation (author, year) in the body of the form.

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NR443 Windshield Survey Form 5/2018 LS.

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