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Community Windshield Survey in Miami and Its Issues

Introduction to the Community

The Miami community is rarely viewed as the one with problems. However, a closer look at some of the aspects of its life will show that the economic and infrastructure-related issues demand immediate resolution. Thus, the foundation for a healthier environment and, therefore, a drop in the number of health concerns among the target population, is expected (Schneiderman et al., 2014).

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Located in Florida, the Miami community has a population of approximately 441,000 people and the total urban area of 1.1 sq mi, which makes 1.9% of the total area (about 55.2 sq mi). The community is represented by a variety of ethnicities: White (78.1%), African Americans (18.7%), Asians (1.7%), and Native Americans (0.3%). Among these, Hispanics make 66.8% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2017).

A steep growth in housing units was registered in 2015 (1,010,556 in 2015 compared to 989,435 in 2010 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2017)). Therefore, urbanization and the associated factors must be taken into account when determining the appropriate nursing strategy. Furthermore, the fact that elderly people with disability make a significant part (6.1%) of the Miami population deserves to be mentioned (U.S. Census Bureau, 2017).

Windshield Survey

Community Vitality

At present, the Miami community can be deemed as diverse and integrated given the fact that ti is represented by a wide range of ethnicities, as stated above (U.S. Census Bureau, 2017). Obesity levels are currently rather high in Miami (64.7% of adults and 13% of children), even though measures are taken to reduce them (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2013). 80.1% of the population are high school graduates or have a higher degree (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016).

Crime rates have been in decline since 2013, with a drop of 1.51% observed in 2014 (Miami Dade Police Department, 2014). The identified phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that programs aimed at reducing crime levels have recently been introduced. Particularly, the Youth and Community Safety Initiative deserves to be mentioned as the tool for enhancing safety levels (Miami-Dade County, 2016).

Indicators of Social and Economic Conditions

Poor infrastructure can be viewed as one of the primary factors that contribute to the development of significant health and economic concerns in the target area. Furthermore, income inequality and high poverty rates deserve to be brought up among the current problems that the community is facing. The average household income in 2013 was $41,913, which made Miai land at the 242 spot out of 263 possible in the statewide ranking (Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, 2013).

Health Resources

The community can enjoy the services of a variety of health resources. The Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dale offers clinical and nutrition services, services for minorities and refugees, school health programs, wellness programs, environmental programs, community health planning, environmental programs, etc. However, poor infrastructure makes it difficult to reach the available health resources in time (Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County, 2017).

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Environmental Conditions Related to Health

Pollution issues can be considered one of the environmental threats that the community needs to manage. The Healthy Beaches Program has been developed to confront the problem. As a result, the threat of an infection has been reduced significantly (Florida Department of Health, 2017).

Social Functioning

The social functioning of the community is medium at present, mostly because of the lack of connectivity between the community members and social workers. While assistance is offered to the disadvantaged members of the population, there is a need to establish reciprocity and efficient analysis of feedback by the members of social services (Florida Department of Health, 2016).

Attitude toward Healthcare

Health awareness levels can be defined as moderate in the target community. Therefore, several programs have been launched to shed light on some of the current health concern. For instance, the initiatives aimed at addressing the increase in HIV/AIDS levels among minorities have been launched. However, weight issue remains a problem in the target area, with 65% of adults being overweight (Florida Department of Health, 2015).

Vulnerable Population

Impoverished members of the population can be considered a vulnerable group that needs the attention of the local healthcare authorities. With little to no access to healthcare, the identified citizens are facing a significant threat and, thus, require the assistance of the Miami health authorities. Particularly, programs for tending to the needs of the identified members of the population must be launched. Thus, poor residents will have access to the available resources and the support of healthcare services (Florida Department of Health, 2015).


The Miami community has been seen as thriving, yet it has some internal problems that may affect it in the future. Particularly, the poverty rates among the elderly, as well as the lack of awareness about current health concerns among the vulnerable members of the population should be viewed as the reasons for concern. Therefore, actions must be taken to reconsider the current approach toward managing resources and focus on developing the programs that will make healthcare services available to the identified members of the population (Nies & McEwen, 2015). It is recommended that programs aimed at meeting the needs of minorities and the elderly should be launched; thus, the foundation for building a healthier community can be created.


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