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Nurse Engagement in the Strategic Planning Process

Strategic Planning Model

All organizations that operate in the current markets need to develop an annual business plan to ensure that it will be able to reach the desired future and meet a range of goals for growth. Its key components are included in strategic planning that provides the foundation for receiving resources need to achieve these aims. As a result, strategic planning allows organizations to be proactive, solve critical issues, and enhance performance.

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The strategic planning model used at my workplace is goal-based, and it tends to provide recommendations for the future action that is expected to provide the organization with an opportunity to reach its desired goals within the following year (“Strategic planning models,” n.d.). To perform this type of strategic planning, professionals are to start with the SWOT analysis, which allows them identifying what should be achieved. As soon as the major goals are prioritized, strategies to reach them need to be designed. On the basis of this information, professionals can also alter the mission statement, because it is to be aligned with the desired changes.

At my workplace, for instance, this step is often made before the conduction of SWOT, which is also possible. Further, action plans are developed. They include such information as a range of main objectives and ways to meet them. Creating a strategic plan, professionals provide a record of all elements discussed earlier. This documentation allows developing a yearly operational plan, identifying those aims that are to be achieved by the end of the year. Then, the needed budget should be authorized, and the implementation of the changes should start. In the end, professionals evaluate the successfulness of the model, comparing what they have reached with their initial plans.

Current Integration of Nurses into Strategic Planning

In my current healthcare organization, nurses are also engaged in strategic planning. I believe that the management manages to ensure that the personnel feels valued and involved in this way. Moreover, the organization receives an opportunity to identify those problems that do not seem to be critical but are often observed by nurses. In particular, the engagement in strategic planning is ensured by the nurses’ opportunity to provide their feedback on the current situation and develop a range of goals for the organization to reach annually (Morrison, 2013). The leaders of each department gather employees’ feedback and develop a report that reveals what nurses are willing to change and how they want to improve current operations. To avoid problems with the excessive amount of information that should be considered, departments share this information by quarters, which is rather convenient.

Strategies to Engage Nursing Staff

If I were a nurse manager, I would also pay much attention to the necessity to engage nurses into strategic planning because I believe it to have critical influences on the overall performance of the company. In particular, sharing organizational goals, the management receives an opportunity to develop a sense of direction, inspire employees, and make them willing to act in the interests of the organization. To engage all nursing staff in this process, I would develop an anonymous web-based survey for them to leave their feedback and outline what they are willing to observe in the future. I think that this approach is beneficial because it allows involving even those professions who are too shy to speak up. In addition to that, I would organize planning meetings, during which employees would reveal what changes are needed and develop strategies to meet them (Abinader Group, n.d.). At each meeting, I would also emphasize short-term achievements, for nurses to realize the successfulness of their engagement.


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