Nurses’ Burnout and Patients’ Safety


This paper focuses on reviewing the American Journal of Nursing’s guidelines and describes a rationale for researching the topic A Relationship Between Nurses’ Burnout and Fatigue and Levels of Patients’ Safety: A Quantitative Study with the help of quantitative methods. One of the critical reasons for reviewing it is its possibility to reduce shortage, improve safety, and optimize scheduling.

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Research Project

American Journal is a highly recognized peer-review publisher that specializes in discovering different approaches to evidence-based practice and promoting superior healthcare services and medical assistance (American Journal of Nursing, 2017). Its reputation in the medical sphere is one of the primary reasons for choosing it. At the same time, the journal creates a unique blend of theory and practice in its publications while making it highly valuable from dissimilar angles. Another reason is the fact that the theme of research is entirely consistent with the content and list of topics covered by the journal including its immense focus on patients’ safety. Nonetheless, the abstract submission guidelines are concise. It has to include the following sections: “statement of the problem”, “its significance”, “the study design”, “the sampling method”, “variables”, “findings”, “the most important conclusion”, and keywords (American Journal of Nursing, 2017, para. 5).

Research steps


A Relationship Between Nurses’ Burnout and Fatigue and Levels of Patients’ Safety: A Quantitative Study.

Statement of the Problem

Today, the insufficient scheduling and planning and shortage of medical personnel are the primary reasons for having high levels of burnout and fatigue among nurses. As a consequence, it negatively affects patients’ safety while having not only adverse effects on their medical conditions but also on the reputation and brand image of the hospital.

Its Significance

Finding a correlation between burnout and levels of safety will assist in improving the working conditions of nurses while motivating national authorities and nurse managers to design effective schedules and address the issue of shortage profoundly.

The Study Design

This study will focus on using quantitative methods such as descriptive statistics. Meanwhile, to find a correlation between dependent and independent variables, correlation coefficient and linear regression analysis will be used since these methods will assist in presenting the research outcomes clearly.

The Sampling Method

Simple random sampling will be utilized to collect information about nurses in the hospital while their levels of fatigue will be measured by Likert Scale. Quantitative questionnaires will be distributed among 230 nurses. Secondary data about patients’ safety will be collected from the system.

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Burnout rate measured by Likert Scale is the independent variable, and safety level constructed out of a plethora of dimensions such as patient feedback and internal reports is the dependent variable.

The Most Important Finding

A positive correlation (0.8) was found between burnout and levels of safety.

The Most Important Conclusion

Due to the existence of a positive correlation (0.8), it is essential to pay attention to reducing levels of burnout and fatigue among nurses, as it has a clear effect on patients’ safety and attitudes towards medical institutions. In this case, it provides a rationale for the government to address a shortage of nurses profoundly and introduce specific regulations for scheduling to avoid overworking.


Nursing, patient safety, burnout, fatigue

Impact on Nursing Career

It is evident that the project described above has a clear impact on the nursing career, as it can change it in a positive way. For example, this research can underline a substantial significance of nursing shortage and burnout while the government and medical professionals can possibly take the initiative to improve the current working environment and optimize schedules. Simultaneously, it can assist hospitals in increasing levels of safety and aiming at patient-centered care.


American Journal of Nursing. (2017). About the journal.

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