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  1. Organizational Burnout of Employees
    Employees have to complete a variety of tasks within short periods, they also have to work under significant pressure, and this leads to burnout.
  2. Compassion Fatigue and Caregiver Burnout – Psychology
    Compassion fatigue is a common condition among caregivers who deal with terminally ill patients. It is an extreme burnout, which appears suddenly with minimal or no signs.
  3. Burnout Syndrome in Professional Nurses
    Burnout syndrome is a serious issue that negatively affects many workers, especially nurses. The syndrome is associated with a number of psychological distress forms.
  4. Vacation Time and Employees’ Burnout
    The majority of the professionals consider that employee burnout is one of the critical issues that have an adverse influence on the organization and its performance in the market.
  5. Mindfullness and Professional Burnout Among Nurses
    The article “Rekindling the Flame: Using mindfulness to end nursing burnout” is devoted to professional burnout among nurses and presents the symptoms, constituents, and stages.
  6. The Burnout Problem and PICOT Statement
    This paper will discuss the burnout problem, review the articles and establish their link to the problem and the PICO question, and finally propose evidence-based practice changes.
  7. Burnout Syndrome and the Ways It Is Manifested in Trauma Nurses
    The particular article that has been chosen for this assignment presents the results of qualitative research aimed at studying burnout syndrome, and the ways it is manifested in trauma nurses.
  8. Professional Burnout Reasons in Nursing
    The lack of nursing staff, overwork associated with it, and a patient’s death make nurses perform their duties for long hours and affect their ability to balance work and life negatively.
  9. Risk of Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession
    Nurses who experience burnout have psychosomatic, emotional, and attitude problems. Previous research studies reveal that they often have insomnia and depression, are hostile and aggressive.
  10. Nurse Burnout in Evidence-Based Research
    Evidence-based practice (EBP) implies the rational application of current evidence related to clinical expertise and core patient needs to direct decisions in health care.
  11. Clinical Problem: Nurses’ Burnout at Work
    This paper examines the clinical problem – nurses’ burnout at work and the efficiency of stress strategies that nurses use to reduce the impact of burnout on their practice.
  12. Stress and Burnout Among Nurses
    This paper presents research on the connection between stress and burnout syndrome among nurses and patient safety. It provides a review of the relevant literature and an analysis of key findings.
  13. Nurses Role Overload and Burnout in Intensive Care
    This paper critiques the article “Relationship among nurses role overload, burnout, and managerial coping strategies at intensive care units” by Mohamed.
  14. Nurse Burnout in Conservation of Resources Theory
    This paper discusses the concept of burnout in nursing, which can be accurately addressed in the Conservation of Resources theory.
  15. “Job Stress and Burnout in Hospital Employees” by Chou et al.
    The work of health professionals is stressful as they have to react to the requirements of patients and their family members urgently, and any medical flaw can be costly.
  16. Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession
    The article “Risk Factors and Prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in the Nursing Profession” investigates the reasons behind the appearance of the burnout syndrome in nursing staff.
  17. Burnout Syndrome Experienced by Nursing Professionals
    The article is focused on the issue of a burnout syndrome because it is seen as a trigger of various health problems.
  18. Reasons of Burnout in Nursing
    Nurses identify several reasons of burnout. To eliminate these issues, it is necessary to revise the working schedule and engage more personnel in ACUs.
  19. Nurses’ Burnout and Patients’ Safety
    This paper describes a rationale for researching topic A Relationship Between Nurses’ Burnout and Fatigue and Levels of Patients’ Safety: A Quantitative Study.
  20. Nursing Burnout Decrease Evidence-Based Methods
    This evidence-based project aimed to demonstrate if light physical exercises are effective than multiple short breaks as a method for stress release and reduction of burnout.

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  1. Stress Control Measures to Prevent Nursing Burnout
    Nursing fatigue is a serious problem that threatens patient safety as the former cannot provide adequate health care services while they lack job satisfaction.
  2. Reducing Burnout in Nurse Practitioners
    The paper presents the study proposed for submission to the Journal for Nurse Practitioners; the proposed study is devoted to the ways to measure and reduce burnout in nurse practitioners.
  3. Nurse Burnout in High-Intensity Settings: Study
    “Burnout and Resilience Among Nurses Practicing in High-Intensity Settings” reflects the area and the population of the study: nurses working in high-stress environments.
  4. Work Stress and Burnout Among Nurses
    The paper reviews the concept of continuing quality improvement, the role of nurses in the process of CQI, and the relations between CQI, work stress, and burnout.
  5. Employee Burnout and Vacation Length Relationship
    There is a problem with the workplace burnout rates in the organization. It needs to be addressed in a manner as efficient and expeditious as possible.
  6. Burnout at the Workplace
    This report analyzes the article that dwells upon burnout at the workplace and the correlation between social perfectionism and burnout.
  7. Burnout at Work and Strategies to Address the Issue
    Burnout at work attracted notable attention from researchers as the companies are trying to develop more efficient human resources strategies to remain competitive in the market.
  8. Burnout and Retaliatory Behaviour Intents in the Workplace
    The results of the study show different levels of retaliation intents among health care service providers based on burnout.
  9. Burnout in Professional Nurses: Research Critique
    The problem of burnout in professional nurses attracts the attention of numerous researchers in the field due to its detrimental long-term consequences.
  10. Nursing Burnout: Meta-Analytic Study by Vargas et al.
    The analyzed article is “Which occupational risk factors are associated with burnout in nursing? A meta-analytic study” by Vargas et al.
  11. “Factors That Influence the Development of Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction in Emergency Department Nurses” the Article by Hunsaker, S., et al
    Taking into account the overall tendency of the nursing profession to become a demanding and intensive occupation, nurses face a significant problem of workplace burnout.
  12. Nursing Burnout as a Practice Issue
    The issue of nursing burnout should be investigated to make sure that nurses’ mental health is intact and they are capable of fulfilling their job roles.
  13. Burnout Syndrome as a Nursing Practice Issue
    The chosen nursing practice issue refers to burnout syndrome and its implications for care. The burnout syndrome among nurses has been studied extensively.
  14. “Nurse Burnout in China“ the Article by Lu, M., Ruan, H., Xing, W., & Hu, Y.
    The problem of nursing burnout in relation to medical practice is clearly stated and frequently repeated throughout the entire paper.
  15. The Problem of Burnout in Nursing
    Nurses experience burnout due to high workload, poor working conditions, lack of support structures, and many other factors.
  16. Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction Among Oncology Nurses
    Although the needs of nurses are often overlooked in a hospital setting, staff members may face serious health issues.
  17. “Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction Among Oncology Nurses in the United States and Canada” the Article by Wu, Singh-Carlson, Odell, Reynolds, and Su
    The article examines the relationships between the demographic attributes and secondary traumatic stress, burnout, or satisfaction in a sample of American versus Canadian nurses.
  18. Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Compassion Satisfaction Among Oncology Nurses in the US and Canada
    This paper includes a brief analysis of the article as well as its implications for evidence-based practice as the study highlights the importance of proper work environments.
  19. Nurse Burnout: Evidence-Based Practice Change
    The nursing practice problem under discussion is that nurses usually suffer from the burnout that affects the quality of their work.
  20. Organizational Problems: Stress and Burnout of Employees
    Stress and burnout are the major causes of employee-related problems in organizations. Both stress and burnout have serious effects on the productivity of an organization.
  21. Workplace Burnout Among Teachers
    Stress and burnout can negatively affect teacher retention rates, and affective preventive strategies are needed to reduce turnover.
  22. Burnout Among Nursing Personnel: Article Review
    The articles focuse on the effects of emotional labor and work-related stressors as significant contributors to burnout among nurses.
  23. About Burnout Syndrome Among Healthcare Professionals
    The article is a critique of an article that deals with burnout syndrome among healthcare professionals in various healthcare settings, written by Lahana et al.
  24. Self-Care, Vicarious Traumatization, and Burnout
    In addition to physical damage, emotional problems and mental health risks are increased due to trauma, provoking new challenges in humanitarian work.
  25. Nursing Problem: Burnout and Patient Outcomes
    The major causes of work burnout in a nursing environment include poor management practices, work design issues, and strenuous inpatient settings.
  26. Aged-Care Worker Burnout: Strategies to Alleviate
    The article aims to define, explore, and alleviate the factors that contribute to the phenomenon of burnout among nurses as well as expand on the theories of workplace burnout.
  27. Concepts and Resources to Help When Facing Burnout
    When caregivers dedicate too much of their energy towards giving care to their patients, they eventually suffer from a condition known as compassion fatigue.
  28. Residential Carers’ Burnout in the Intellectual Disability Services
    An annotated bibliography of seven articles to demonstrate the transdisciplinary nature of methodology to alleviate residential carers’ burnout in the intellectual disability services.
  29. Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout
    The research methodology used on- Lived Experiences of the Time Preceding Burnout used a small sample size of only eight individuals, which was not very practical.

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  1. Combating Caregiver Burnout and Compassion Fatigue
  2. Applying Nursing Burnout Theory to Practice
  3. Burnout Among Emergency Department Nurses
  4. Are Occupational Stress and Burnout the Key Influences on Employee Well-Being in the Western Society Today?
  5. Nursing Burnout: Should Certain Personality Types Avoid Nursing Management Positions?
  6. Burnout Among Research Teams: Evidence From Mexican “Cuerpos Academicos”
  7. Association Between Job Burnout and Organizational Commitment in Three Types of Chinese University Teachers
  8. Burnout Among University Accounting Educators in Australia and New Zealand
  9. Coping With Stress and Burnout Associated With Telecommunication and Online Learning
  10. Burnout and Its Relation to Interpersonal Challenges
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak Can Change the Job Burnout in Health Care Professionals
  12. Perceived and Received Dimensional Support: Main and Stress-Buffering Effects on Dimensions of Burnout
  13. Burnout and Stress Measurement in Police Officers
  14. Delving Into the Impact of Job Match and Remuneration on Burnout and Turnover Intention
  15. The Relationship Between Resilience and Burnout Among the It Professionals
  16. Perfectionism and Athlete Burnout in Elite Sports: The Mediating Role of Self-Determined Motivation
  17. Does Informal Caregiving Lead to Parental Burnout?
  18. Burnout Disrupts Anxiety Buffer Functioning Among Nurses
  19. Emotional Intelligence Buffers the Effects of Negative Emotions on Job Burnout in Nursing
  20. Relationship Between Perfectionism, Psychological Hardiness, and Job Burnout of Employees at Executive Organizations
  21. Burnout, Psychological Symptoms, and Secondary Traumatic Stress Among Midwives Working on Perinatal Wards
  22. High School Student Burnout: Is Empathy a Protective or Risk Factor?
  23. Burnout Syndrome Among Hospital Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Civil War
  24. Maternal Burnout Syndrome: Contextual and Psychological Associated Factors
  25. Logotherapy as Useful Conceptual Framework for Explanation and Prevention of Burnout
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