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Nursing and Health Promotion in Family Pediatrics

Family-oriented and family-focused nursing care

The modern approach to the delivery of nursing care is focused on the significant improvement of peoples quality of life and the environment in which they live. For this reason, there are various models of care that are considered to be efficient under modern conditions. These are family-centered and family-oriented nursing care. The first one implies the increased awareness of the fulfillment of the basic psychosocial and developmental needs of children and emphasizes the role of families in the promotion of the health and state of a child.

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However, family-oriented nursing is focused on the comprehensive assessment of parents to determine various problems that might impact the childs health and psyche (Pettoello-Mantovani, Campanozzi, Maiuri, & Giardino, 2009). In other words, the difference lies in an object of regard as a specialist should devote its attention to whether to a child or conditions and people who might impact his/her development and growth.

The modern health care sector considers the promotion of children’s health the main task that should be performed to guarantee the improvement of the current situation in the sphere. For this reason, it suggests some programs that could help to create the conditions needed for a childs balanced growth. Besides, family-oriented nursing investigates the environment and atmosphere in a family to determine whether a child will be provided with all needed essentials.

The given approach helps to assess psychological, physiological, and other significant factors that are important. At the same time, family-focused nursing care revolves around the basic needs of a certain child for him/her to be able to evolve and improve the state of his/her organism (Pettoello-Mantovani, Campanozzi, Maiuri, & Giardino, 2009). The combination of these approaches might help to improve the state of health and guarantee positive outcomes in the given sphere.

Community-based services in the promotion of health for families

To guarantee the evolution of a certain community and promote the stable level of the delivery of care, the modern health care sector creates several various services that are available for all members of a community. At the moment, these are the health consultations, numerous health and safety practices, provision of various educational materials to increase peoples literacy in the given sphere, improvement of the health environment, and creation of numerous opportunities for the further enhancement of the state of the health of the given community (Community-based interventions, n.d.).

In this regard, the above-mentioned community-based services are needed to guarantee the stable evolution and implementation of new practices for people to be able to obtain the needed help and assistance. The importance of these practices could hardly be overestimated.

Community-based services imply the usage of local resources that could contribute to the improvement of peoples health and the quality of their lives. For this reason, their usage might guarantee the efficient delivery of basic care services. Yet, at the moment the health care sector recognizes the great importance of these very practices and tends to create an environment that will help people to use them. These services might be considered crucial for peoples recovery.

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For instance, the provision of the important knowledge in terms of the community-based educational programs might help people to understand the nature of various illnesses better and provide the most efficient treatment (Community-based interventions, n.d.). There are also numerous opportunities for examination, assessment, and delivery of the most crucial health care services.


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