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Nursing: “Building Your Resiliency” by Sherman

Article Summary

Resilience is a crucial life skill that allows one to overcome both personal and professional challenges. A positive response to failure is known as resilience, a characteristic that allows people to recover from any adverse event and regain emotional stability and confidence. Sherman (2018) states that “personal resiliency is deeply rooted in the habits of our mind as our values and beliefs” (p. 26). It is shaped by experience, available support systems, and the ability to remain optimistic and reflect. The complexity of the modern world with increasing challenges, competitiveness, and financial pressures is leading to increased levels of anxiety, emphasizing the need for resiliency.

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As a nurse, resiliency is vital for a successful career and to maintain professionalism. Nursing is inherently full of challenges and stresses, which may contribute to other life events. However, “resilient people learn to vie a difficulty as a challenge, not a paralyzing event” (Sherman, 2018, p. 27).

Resiliency allows one to view any problems as an opportunity for growth and personal development, gaining new knowledge and perspectives from the negative experience. A significant aspect of this learning process is being able to radically reframe one’s thinking. That may include avoiding victimizing oneself, taking a proactive approach to recovery, and breaking down self-limiting barriers which may be weighing a person down.

There are a wide variety of strategies and techniques to manage negative mindsets and build resiliency. Research demonstrates that reflection and change in attitude can have tremendous benefits. A person may choose to keep a reflection journal to organize one’s thoughts better. Implementing wellness habits for a better physical state and clearer mind is important, along with practices such as meditation and yoga to learn self-control of one’s thoughts. It is important to adopt an attitude of gratitude and confidence in personal strengths that will allow one to remain hopeful and determined. Finally, a strong social support system is very important as these people can understand and push someone towards success. Overall, it is crucial to realize that building resiliency is hard work and takes intentional and focused action on behalf of a person.

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The article takes a thorough but personable approach to explain resilience, making me strongly rethink my attitude in life and approach to adverse events. Nursing is inherently difficult, causing stress, burnout, and sometimes depression. At times, I feel lost when attempting to balance my personal and professional life. I hope to use resiliency strategies and a consequent mindset to establish a sense of harmony. These techniques are vital to retaining composure and confidence which will help in daily nursing practice and facing challenging situations. I believe that building resilience will aid in self-efficacy as I strive to progress in my career by learning new skills and acquiring experience.

Resilience is a coping mechanism in a way that can help me as a nurse to address challenging work concepts. Patient morbidity, and at times, mortality as well as frequently encountering ethical dilemmas or maintaining the discipline to stay within practice guidelines are all significant stressors. Resilience will help me to build internal and emotional strength along with healthy habits to cope and recover. I hope to create a strong social support system, where I can gain the encouragement I need as well as offer backing to my co-workers who may struggle with similar problems.


Sherman, R. O. (2018). Building your resiliency. American Nurse Today, 13(9), 26-28.

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