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Nursing Challenges: Inexperience and Ethical Dilemmas

Lack of Trust, Authority and Experience in Nursing

To be a professional nurse means to face numerous challenges that arise from the nature of the given occupation. Communicating with people, a specialist should take into account numerous issues to establish contact with patients and assist them in their recovery. However, very often people are not ready to share information because of the lack of trust or some other personal issues. It is the first barrier that could prevent a nurse from delivering care. Patients unwillingness to cooperate could be considered a serious problem as it deprives a specialist of the opportunity to collect the needed data and prescribe treatment. For this reason, to overcome this obstacle, it is crucial to take into account the peculiarities of patients mentalities and use different approaches in every case.

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The second significant barrier is the lack of authority. The fact is that a nurse cannot prescribe pills or deliver certain services; however, there are situations when help is needed immediately. Under these conditions, a nurse remains almost helpless as in case drugs or some complex treatment is needed, she/he is not allowed to do it (Esmaeili, Ali Cheraghi, & Salsali, 2014). This barrier could hardly be eliminated as a significant reconsideration of the healthcare sector is needed. Yet, to be able to function in such situations, a nurse should always stay in touch with a physician and get his/her approval.

Finally, the lack of experience is another significant barrier that could deteriorate the outcomes. In this regard, it is crucial to engage in the continuous study process to earn knowledge that could be applied to difficult cases. These are three crucial barriers that a specialist should be overcome due to the great effort and commitment.

Lack of Cultural Awareness and Insurance Issues in Nursing

There are many difficult situations in which a nurse should act with great efficiency to assist patients in their recovery. Moreover, there are also numerous barriers that a specialist should overcome to attain success. For instance, the first barrier is the lack of knowledge. It is impossible to know all facts and possess information that should be used in case a patient suffers from a serious health problem. Some situations demand an improved understanding of mechanisms which precondition the appearance of one or another health issue. The only way this barrier could be eliminated is the attempt to gain new knowledge and use it in different cases.

Therefore, there is another significant problem a nurse faces when working with patients. These are misunderstandings that appear because of differences in mentalities preconditioned by cultural peculiarities of patients. It could become a great problem for a nurse as the cooperation with a patient is crucial for the final success. For this reason, the barrier should be eliminated by engaging in the cultural discourse and establishing respectful and trustful relations with a patient. Additionally, a nurse should possess the most important information about the peculiarities of different cultures to be able to communicate with patients. Nevertheless, there is another significant barrier which is the incompleteness of the existing insurance system as many patients are not able to afford services that should be provided to them (Mahmoudi, Mohmmadi, & Edadi, 2013). The given problem is crucial for the healthcare sector as it deteriorates outcomes and the image of different care units. In this regard, it is crucial to show programs that could be used to get the needed services. Additionally, patients should be educated about current alterations in the insurance system.

Ethical Dilemmas and Professional Burnout in Nursing

Revolving around my own experience of a nurse, I should say that the given occupation remains challenging. There are no similar cases as all patients are different and their problems are unique. Moreover, a common nurse should be ready to make hard decisions and solve ethical issues that appear when providing care to patients. It could be considered the first real challenge. The fact is that any ethical dilemma demands from specialist great courage and will. He/she should remain calm and work efficiently no matter how difficult the situation becomes. For this reason, the only solution is to keep in mind that all actions a nurse performs will help a patient to recover and feel better.

The second barrier I should mention is the professional burnout. Many nurses face this problem because of the character of their job. The majority of problems they experience are extremely complex and related to moral issues. Additionally, a significant percentage of fresh nurses could also suffer from burnout because of their inability to face reality and cope with the high pressure (“Barriers to nursing,” n.d.). To eliminate this barrier, a nurse should communicate with recovered patients and feel their gratitude. It helps to understand the great significance of the job and preserve high motivation.

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Finally, a nurse also faces a serious challenge during the adaptation to a new collective or conditions. It could be a long-term and stressful process because of the peculiarities of the environment. However, the focus on improved cooperation with colleagues could help to eliminate the problem and engage in efficient teamwork.


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