Nursing College Education and Career

Everyone has personal hopes, aspirations, and expectations when going to college. I am hardly an exception. However, as I waited in the halls, choosing the right program for myself, I noticed a difference between myself and some of the students I met there. Some of them did not seem interested in being in a college, some were pressured by their parents to join, and some simply wanted a degree because they are supposed to get one. I am not like that. I am here with a purpose. My purpose for joining this college is to become a better nurse so that I would be able to help my patients better.

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What I have learned so far were only the basics of my profession. I have learned about the foundations of nursing care, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and many other things. However, in order to become a professional, I need much more knowledge, both theoretical and practical. There are still many fields I need knowledge and experience in, such as acute and chronic illnesses management, mental health nursing, and some others.

These studies are going to help me transition to the professional nursing role. I am confident that I will be able to get plenty of theory here, and some practice too, even if on plastic dummies. I also hope that the college would assist me in getting an internship in a hospital, in order to get more hands-on practice.

Attending this college should be an excellent start to my nursing career. Medical facilities nowadays demand excellence from their employees, and having a degree from such a prestigious and well-known college would ensure them that my education is top-notch. After obtaining my BSN degree, I am considering getting a job and working in the medical field for a couple of years, before aspiring for the MSN degree.

Progression in education and gradual growth in skill and knowledge is the only proper way to advance up the career ladder. However, I am not looking to invest in my career only for the sake of money. The well-being of my patients is and had always been my primary concern. Anyone who is looking to work as a doctor or a nurse only because of a paycheck should not be allowed anywhere near the patients. Greed has no place in a medical institute.

I am also looking forward to making friendly connections, both with fellow students and with the professors. Being surrounded by fellow aspiring nurses would set up a little competitive scene, which should promote personal growth for all of us. I would also enjoy interacting with my professors. I am looking forward to gaining from their experience. These connections I am going to make now will likely help me out in the future, in one way or another.

I am looking forward to continuing my studies in this college. So far, it was a very satisfying experience. Sometimes it was hard, but I am not the type to turn away at the first signs of hardship. Being a professional nurse suggests hard and selfless work, which I must be prepared for. Medicine is a field, which does not tolerate slacking, as there are people’s lives on the line.

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