College Degree and Its Effects on Career

The cause and effect chain described below begins with earning a college degree. It serves as a primary cause for the subsequent effects, which are interconnected and create a causal chain. Due to the college degree, there are multiple possibilities to explore, both in my professional and personal life. The opportunities for developing full professional potential, as well as achieving certain goals in my personal life, are created by earning a college degree.

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In the course of my college education, I gained profound knowledge in my field of study. The courses provided by my university were insightful and imaginative. Due to the college education, I acquired essential professional skills. The earned degree is proof of my potential as a specialist in a particular field.

Due to the college degree and the acquired professional skills and knowledge, my career prospects will be promising and varied. I will be able to choose among many companies to work for, as my portfolio is rather impressive. The company I choose would be looking for a specialist, who would contribute to the general mission of the enterprise. Due to the skills acquired in college, I will be able to work well in a team, as well as lead my projects.

Due to earning a degree, gaining professional skills and knowledge, and securing a position in a prominent company, I will gain professional experience. While working in my field, I will undoubtedly encounter certain difficulties, which will help develop my professional competence. Working in a team will develop my adaptability and improve my ability to compromise without detriment to the work efficiency. Designing and leading my projects will help develop my leadership and organizational skills.

Professional experience gained in my first job will help upgrade my skills, broaden my perspective, and develop my professional competence. Due to the gained professional experience, I will be able to get a position abroad. Working in a different professional setting will develop my adaptability, improve my professional skills, and expand my knowledge. While working abroad, I will develop a solid command of the particular foreign language, and gain an understanding of the mentality of my foreign coworkers.

Upon my return, due to the experience gained abroad, I will become a much-appreciated specialist in my field. My upgraded knowledge, newly acquired skills, a good command of the foreign language, and experience of working abroad will make me a specialist in-demand. My professional skills will be an essential asset to my resume.

Due to becoming a specialist in-demand, I will receive job offers from many employers. Therefore, I will have the possibility to negotiate a higher salary. I will be able to hire an assistant, who will help me manage my schedule, which would alleviate the organizational burden, and allow me to focus on the projects at hand.

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Due to the increase in my salary, I will be able to fulfill my lifelong dream of buying a house and design the interior to my taste. With my schedule ran smoothly by my assistant, I would also be able to design the garden in the back. Provided my assistant manages the job efficiently, my work schedule could be adjusted to spend more time with my family.

Thanks to the college degree, I will be able to gradually improve my professional skills, broaden my knowledge, and develop my professional competence. The experience gained abroad will help me become an in-demand specialist in my field. The increased salary due to many job offers will let me design a home of my own, and provide for my family. Thus, a college degree will lead to developing my full professional potential, as well as attaining certain goals in my personal life.

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