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Nursing Definition and Personal Philosophy

The Definition of Nursing

On a bigger scale, nursing is a concept that includes the protection of human life and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Nurses serve as a mediator of healing facilitation and are keen on preventing injuries and illnesses (Potter, Perry, & Stockert, 2015). The key objective of nursing is to provide high-quality care and diagnose illnesses in a deterrent manner. Ultimately, nursing professionals advocate for the provision of care to communities, and each given member of these communities. The nursing profession exists because there should be individuals who can alleviate the symptoms of any illness and help the patients to cope with all the complications that may transpire throughout the treatment process (Delves-Yates, 2015). I practice nursing because it gives me the possibility to take care of people and help them. Moreover, I truly enjoy the fact that I can provide support and make my patients happy again when they finally recover.

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Underlying Beliefs

Nurses should be knowledgeable and proficient. In addition to their professional healthcare skills, they should be eminent psychologists to communicate with patients in an efficient manner (Potter et al., 2015). The majority of nurses are interested in providing care of the highest quality, and they believe that there is nothing more important than human life and well-being. Contrarily, patients are not required to be knowledgeable. This supposition comes from the fact that they simply need help and there is little chance that they realize how to treat themselves. Other healthcare providers should be willing to collaborate and provide nurses with any additional information about the patients if it is required by the treatment process (Potter et al., 2015). Lastly, communities tend to be somewhat inactive in terms of health care, and in the majority of cases, they are affected by stereotypes and distorted vision of the world.

Major Domains of Nursing

The first major domain of nursing is a person. This choice can be explained by the indescribable value of human life. Nurses should realize the importance of perceiving any given person as a fundamental part of a certain environment (Delves-Yates, 2015). When nurses appreciate human life, they have a unique possibility to engage in exceptional interactive events and participate in the constantly transforming healthcare environment. Nurses are responsible for developing a person’s feeling of responsibility and ensure their confidentiality. The core peculiarity of a person within the healthcare environment is their willingness to participate in the treatment process (Potter et al., 2015). A safe and stress-free healthcare environment, timely health reports, and cautious assessments should be secured by the nurse. The notion of health is seen by nursing as an exclusive experience that can only be perceived by the patient.


The interconnection between the domains can be explained by the inseparability of these domains. In other words, nursing cannot exist without patients, and vice versa (Delves-Yates, 2015). I believe that in the future, nursing practice will become even more complex (despite the technological progress and implementation of various electronic devices). One of the biggest challenges that I will face is the issue of constant learning. It will be hard to be caring and competent at the same time. Despite all the complications mentioned above, I believe that the process of my professional development will not be affected significantly. Collaboration with other healthcare specialists and continuous education will be my main concerns in the future.


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