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Nursing Further Education, Development, Career


The nursing area presents plenty of professional opportunities. Nowadays nursing environment focuses on continuous development to ensure that a nurse possesses appropriate skills and knowledge related to his or her work. The participation in various programs and projects is likely to keep a nurse interested in and aware of different subjects. It should be noted that education is an ongoing process that focuses on accuracy and consistent approach. In this connection, it is necessary for the perspective plans to be focused on education and research.

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Future plans

In case a nurse decides to work with a master’s degree in nursing, it is of great importance to remember that only continuous education can keep his or her competent and competitive. Considering that the modern nursing requirements change with the expectations of patients, innovative technology, and other occasions, it is crucial to apply evidence-based practice. The latter means that all the practices implemented by a nurse should be justified by the previous research. This helps a nurse to anticipate possible outcomes of the intervention and come up with relevant solutions to disease. It is a good idea to work for a government organization that provides significant social benefits to its employees. For example, it is possible to become close to the retiring age in six years. Meanwhile, it is government organizations that have complete access to the most extensive databases, integrating relevant and credible information on various topics. Therefore, the following goals for the next three to five years can be distinguished: to become a proficient specialist in the field of nursing research, receive personal satisfaction and relative autonomy, and work towards a doctorate. The mentioned goals can be achieved through such plans as follows: to find a job in a government organization, continuing education, and focus on research practices.

Working in collaboration with scientists, it is possible to conduct valuable studies and either support or reject the existing issues. For example, some facts regarding ulcers or falls may be identified to facilitate the treatment of these diseases. The core idea of nursing research is to specify the appropriateness of certain care related to a specific disease or condition. In this connection, the role of a nurse is to take into account all the peculiarities of a certain issue, including internal and external environments, patient attitudes, and other data collected in the course of the study. In other words, the research areas of a nurse with a master’s degree may be different yet aimed at delivering adequate and timely healthcare services to patients. In particular, such fields as epidemiology, clinical setting, nursing management, and so on can be covered.

Along with research, it also seems important to provide education to potential nurses. Having the necessary knowledge and experience in certain fields of nursing, it is useful to share them with others. A skilled nurse can teach students to collect, analyze, and interpret the acquired information to utilize it in their practice. While teaching students, it is of great importance to integrate high-quality modern healthcare and systematization of teaching standards. Such a comprehensive approach is likely to prepare students for their future work in an appropriate manner. Therefore, among the goals that are associated with education, one may note such points as consistent self-education and monitor current nursing tendencies, application of teaching standards, and high-quality teaching structuring. To accomplish the above goals, it is necessary to set up the following plans: to learn the high-level teaching strategies, understand student expectations, and follow the continuous improvement of nursing knowledge.

It should be emphasized that a nurse who strives to educate others is expected to be oriented in the broader context. Many issues are interconnected and require an integrative approach to understanding relations between them. In this regard, the role of a nurse is to clearly show and explain them in detail, so that the students have a full picture of the theme. To correspond to the mentioned statement, it is critical to be a competent nurse and advance one’s career incessantly. Along with the explanation of the key prospects of nursing, some global aspects are to be provided to students as well. For instance, advocacy for human rights, encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, and prevention of illnesses are to be carefully promoted.


Summing it up, one may note that a nurse, aiming to focus on education or research fields, is expected to set definite plans and goals as well as ways to achieve them successfully. It is essential to reorganize one’s life to correspond to the identified goals and succeed in the future, namely, within the following three to five years. Meanwhile, a nurse should commit to lifelong learning by attending special conferences and courses and participating in different projects. For example, participation in the project that is associated with the study of nursing management in different Middle East countries seems to be contributing to international nursing and beneficial to a nurse experience. Ultimately, it is important to adhere to positive thinking in planning and goal accomplishment.

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