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How to Develop a Strategic Mindset: Article Summary


The purpose of this paper is to give a summary of the assigned article by Sherman and Cohn (2019). Additionally, the paper seeks to establish the impact of the article contents on my future practice. The systems thinking stage helps to single out the components of the issue and come up with long-term resolutions for them (Sherman & Cohn, 2019). With the help of strategic thinking, nurses can promote and implement significant alterations in care.

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Assigned Article Summary

The article by Sherman and Cohn (2019) is dedicated to one of the most significant aspects of healthcare professionals’ work: strategic thinking skills. As the authors note, these skills nowadays serve as “a critical differentiator” among those applying for leadership positions (Sherman & Cohn, 2019, p. 14). Promoting one’s strategic thinking maybe a strenuous process, but it is quite possible to cultivate a success-oriented mindset. There is a need to change focus from a narrow to a broad one if people wish to enhance strategic thinking abilities. A crucial phase in acquiring a strategic mindset is carefully scrutinizing problematic issues “through the three steps of reframing, reflecting, and systems thinking” (Sherman & Cohn, 2019, pp. 14-15). The authors note that successful strategic thinking is inseparable from trusting relationships and willingness to communicate. Sherman and Cohn (2019) conclude by stating that:

The journey to building strategic thinking skills might be uncomfortable at first because your views will be challenged, and you won’t have all the answers. Expertise in this area requires practice. It’s always possible to be surprised by unexpected environmental changes, but strategic thinkers usually have considered possible shifts long before they impact the organization. (p. 16)

Impact of Assigned Article Content on Future Practice

The issues discussed in the article will be of great significance in my future career practice. To start with, I have realized the significance of evaluating my skills. The article teaches that it is never acceptable to stop learning upon reaching some position in the profession. As a nurse, I will constantly work on the improvement of my skills and knowledge. Secondly, I found out that to be a prospective leader, I will need to cope with my apprehensions and accept my failures as valuable lessons. Currently, I cannot say that I am much of a risk-taker, but I have understood that this quality should change if I want to succeed in my future career. Finally, I will keep track of all the changes in technologies and trends related to my specialty. By following these steps, I will increase my professional opportunities and improve my strategic thinking skills.


Strategic thinking plays a crucial role in helping nurses to support and implement noteworthy alterations in the provision of care. It is vital to change focus from a constricted to a wide one if one wishes to improve strategic thinking abilities. A fundamental phase in attaining a strategic mindset is examining problematic concerns cautiously through systems thinking, reframing, and reflecting. Successful strategic thinking requires trusting connections and readiness to communicate. People need to be prepared to change their own beliefs and not to be afraid of taking risks. Professionals who endeavor to promote their strategic thinking expand their tactical awareness.


Sherman, R. O., & Cohn, T. M. (2019). How to develop a strategic mindset: Follow these steps to think more strategically. American Nurse Today, 14(5), 14–16. Web.

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