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Nursing Knowledge and Skills Development


All nurses must develop their knowledge and skills on a regular basis to experience and practice new professional methodologies and approaches to the treatment of their patients. This factor is essential for people who strive to become better at what they do and make all their clients benefit from collaborations with them. The following paper will present a reflection and the explanation of how the last college course helped me to meet the MSN program outcome #2, MSN Essential IV, and a core competency of NONPF (National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties) #4.

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MSN Program Outcome #2

The outcome presented in the title of the paragraph focuses on the creation of caring environments aimed at the achievement of high-quality health conditions that can be interpreted as a care-focused activity. While reviewing materials, I found that the discussed outcome can be supported by the project performed during the sixth week about the identification of a certain problem immediately and by the seventh course’s outcome (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2018). It would be proper to mention that the outcome of course #7 implies the assessment of health issues regarding place, time, magnitude, and a person (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2018). As I was working with the problem of stomach ulcers, I sought methods to help people in the role of a family NP (nurse practitioner) (Gordis, 2014). Indeed, Florida is populated by many individuals who face the problem of ulcers. Unfortunately, there is a tremendous number of primary providers that allow the appearance of the disease’s adverse impacts. Basing on this knowledge, I can now contribute to the elimination of the problem as a professional medical worker.

MSN Essential IV

MSN Essential IV is one of the MPN (Master Prepared Nursing) elements that must be considered and regarded during one’s professional activity on a regular basis. According to the knowledge I received during the course, all the reasonable diagnoses and treatment plans must be developed concerning the latest scholarly experiments or research. The discussion of the pathology on both molecular and cellular levels made the process of disease and its transfusion more accurate and clear to me. In turn, this valuable experience can be used to reinforce the discussed essential’s core concept.

Nurse Practitioner Core Competency

The fourth core competency that NONPF identified for NPs implied practice inquiry. This is one of the most important qualities that a person has to master and demonstrate to prove that he or she is a competent medical worker. It is necessary to mention that there are several divisions of this core competency (scientific, leadership, quality, practice, technology, policy, health delivery, ethics, and independence) (National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties, 2014). To describe generally, I have obtained an understanding of how all of these elements should be performed during the course. For instance, every NP has to be independent in his or her decisions as they can have both adverse and positive impacts on a patient. Also, it became obvious that all actions of a medical worker have to be supported or based on one’s colleagues’ research to make any treatment process efficient.


While reviewing materials and studying necessary literature during the last course, I noticed several outcomes that are consistent with MSN program outcome #2, Essential IV, and the fourth core competency of NONPF. This knowledge will be helpful for my professional activity aimed at healing the population of Florida. Moreover, I now understand that all my actions have to be based on credible conclusions of experienced scholars’ research.


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