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Nursing Philosophy and Beliefs Guiding Practice


The healthcare sector is one of the central institutions that regulate the functioning of the society and guarantee its further development. For this reason, much effort is devoted to reconsider the work of the given sphere and promote the enhanced outcomes to improve the quality of peoples lives and the health of the nation. At the same time, nursing is an integral part of the healthcare sector which means that it also undergoes drastic changes to remain efficient and meet patients diverse requirements.

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The work of a nurse becomes challenging as an outstanding specialist should possess the deep knowledge about the provided care and use it in different settings (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2014). Moreover, to be a health worker means to engage in face-to-face cooperation with people who might need specific assistance. In this regard, every nurse formulates a personal approach to nursing practice, which combines perspectives on philosophy, theories, and conceptual frameworks that should be utilized to provide outstanding care and attain improved results.


If to speak about my vision of nursing and its role in the modern society, I think that a nurses fundamental duty is to help patients in their recovery by providing the needed care and stimulating their participation in the recovery process. In other words, patients should not only be treated; however, they should be explained how to avoid health problems and improve the quality of their lives. That is why I believe that Orems self-care deficit theory perfectly describes my vision of nursing. In accordance with this approach, people should remain self-reliant and responsible for their own health and care (Orem, 2001).

For this reason, every individual should engage in specific activities to maintain life, well-being, and soundness (Orem, 2001). Under these conditions, a nurses primary task is to meet diverse patients self-care requisites and fulfill their self-care deficit to ensure the improved quality of their lives.

I also think that the given theory of nursing helps me to organize my functioning as a nurse and impacts my decision-making in complex situations. The fact is that providing care to patients, I always hope for their complete recovery and the absence of regression. That is why I think it is critical to ensure that an individual correctly realizes the nature of the disease that promotes adverse effects on his/her health and possesses the knowledge essential to engage in prophylactic activities needed to prevent the further deterioration of the state and improve the quality of his/her life. Utilizing Orems self-deficit theory, I will always try to meet the existing requirements and fulfill patients self-care deficit by explaining how to perform the needed activities on his/her own and prevent the further deterioration of the situation.

Definition of Nursing, Person, Health, and Environment

The ideas mentioned above correlate with my personal perspective on nursing as one of the meta-paradigms. I can define it as a critical aspect of the existing healthcare system that is focused on working with patients to deliver the needed care, improve their health, prevent the emergence of new problematic issues, ensure high satisfaction levels among individuals, and contribute to the gradual improvement of the health of the nation.

The given definition does not encompass all activities essential for nursing because of a significant scope of practice and its impact on the whole healthcare sector (American Nurses Association, 2015). I am sure that nurses are central figures who guarantee the improved interaction between health workers and patients and create conditions beneficial for the efficient delivery of care in diverse settings.

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In accordance with the existing approach to nursing, there is also a meta-paradigm of person which is also important for the field. My own definition considers this concept as a patient or an individual, his/her family, or a community who might need medical care and assistance. In other words, it is a recipient of nursing services which are essential for him/her (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). I believe that it is one of the central phenomena in the given field as nurses work to help patients to recover by providing the needed support and assistance. It also reveals the primary task of the modern health care which is to attain the improved quality of persons lives.

The concept of health is another conception that should be defined regarding the modern healthcare sector. It presupposes a particular degree of soundness and illness that might satisfy a patient and his/her current needs. I realize that the diversity of individuals attitudes towards certain issues means that there are multiple standards regarding the question of health. That is why it becomes an extremely individualized issue which should be analyzed in accordance with individuals expectations (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). Additionally, I think that the concept of health also includes facilities available to patients and their ability to acquire the needed care in different settings. For this reason, the given phenomenon impacts the functioning of nurses and their decision-making significantly.

Finally, I accept an outstanding role the environment plays in the functioning of the healthcare sector. The given notion includes all factors that impact a patient (both external and internal) and promote particular alterations in his/her state. This definition demonstrates that every individual faces diverse external and internal conditions that might deteriorate the state of his/her health and result in unexpected outcomes (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). For this reason, consideration of this conception is critical while providing care to patients and trying to guarantee their recovery as nurses have to ensure that all actors deteriorating the environment are eliminated, and a patient is ready to engage in appropriate activities to promote his/her health.

In such a way, I think that these four concepts (health, person, environment, nursing) are central to the modern healthcare sector as they precondition the way care should be delivered and outline factors that might influence the process of treatment. The high diversity of challenges specialists and patients face today precondition the existence of numerous definitions of these concepts. However, my personal perspective on these issues results from the existing guidelines regulating the functioning of the healthcare sector and nurses duties.

Beliefs Guiding the Practice

I should also say that there are several beliefs that guide my practice and impact my actions while delivering care to individuals. First of all, I am sure that the health of a patient and his/her needs are the most important concerns. All specialists actions should be organized in the way guaranteeing that the state of a person with particular health problems will be improved and all his/her needs will be fulfilled (Weiss & Tappen, 2014). These are critical assumptions that should serve as central guidelines for every nurse. I always adhere to this belief while organizing the delivery of care and appropriate treatment as it cultivates positive outcomes and improves the quality of individuals lives.

Another aspect critical for any health worker is an outstanding level of competence, knowledge, and commitment. Every day nurses work with patients whose health and lives depend on their functioning and decisions. That is why specialists have no room for mistake. A pernicious impact of the human factor that results in the emergence of unexpected situations or inappropriate outcomes should be minimized to ensure the complete recovery of patients (Dunphy, Winland-Brown, Porter, & Thomas, 2015).

It can be achieved only by constant training and continuous acquisition of new knowledge describing more efficient approaches to treat particular diseases. That is why I am sure that every nurse is obliged to monitor his/her level of preparedness and competence to ensure that the quality of care provided by him/her will not decrease due to the gaps in knowledge.

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Communication Skills

Finally, I also recognize an outstanding significance of communication as it is a potent tool that helps to establish specific relations with patients and acquire the information needed to provide appropriate care. As for my own communication style, I always try to be respectful and listen to individuals. Additionally, correctly realizing the importance of trustful relations between a health worker and a patient, I try to create the atmosphere beneficial for the enhanced collaboration. To achieve this goal, I analyze individuals needs, cultural and religious peculiarities, their preferences and demands. My communication style presupposes attempts to understand a person and act regarding his/her unique features.

These aspects of my communication style precondition the emergence of particular strengths. The first one is the ability to establish contact with diverse individuals regardless of their culture, gender, or nationality. I do not have stereotypes or biased attitudes towards people, which means that I can communicate with all social groups. My another strength is the positive mood. I always try to remain optimistic because it has a beneficial impact on patients and their perspectives on treatment and provided care. I am sure that it is essential to emphasize positive sides of every situation and ensure patients that health workers will do their best to assist them in their recovery.

Unfortunately, there are several weaknesses associated with my style of communication. First, I might be too informal while communicating with patients. I think that it helps to establish close and trustful relations between a caregiver and an individual; however, some people find it inappropriate and even offensive when a nurse talks to them in this manner. Second, trying to create an appropriate atmosphere, I can engage in friendly relations with patients; however, it is not recommended for health specialists as they should preserve objectivity of their judgments. However, this sort of bond might impact decision making and result in some mistakes.

Nevertheless, these features of my communication style will help me to collaborate with colleagues within an interdisciplinary team. My ability to establish contact with diverse people will contribute to the enhanced understanding between team members. Additionally, attention to other individuals demands is one of the critical parts of a teamwork. For this reason, I am sure that my communication style will help me to succeed.


Altogether, I am sure that nursing is a central component of the existing healthcare system. It guarantees the delivery of appropriate care and patients recovery. Every nurse has his/her own philosophy that impacts decision making and preconditions the choice of particular strategies. As for me, I believe that patients and their needs are critical for the healthcare sector and specialists actions should be aimed at the improvement of individuals states. Only under these conditions, positive results can be attained.


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