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Miami Community Health Status and Affecting Factors

The health status of my community, Miami, is influenced by various factors. First of all, it is affected by individual characteristics of the population. Their knowledge, attitudes, and skills determine the way they interact with the healthcare system and treat it. For example, the majority of the population believes that professional healthcare is more helpful than folk medicine. People tend to refer to doctors when they feel bad, which gives them an opportunity to prevent further development of disease, its complication, and possible communication. In this way, Miami becomes healthier. Still, some individuals smoke and abuse substances, which has an adverse influence on their health as well the health status of the whole community. Interpersonal relations also matter. Relatives, friends, and social networks define the way the attitudes towards the healthcare spread. If one family is against vaccination, it makes its nearest and dearest follow this idea. As a result, they all become vulnerable. However, families also take care of their relatives who are sick or disabled, giving them a chance to recover. Community improves health status greatly. Volunteers and donors ensure that vulnerable populations receive food and clothes, anonymous meetings are gathered for those who have problems. The environment is one more factor of influence. The economic environment determines access to healthcare, while hot and stuffy weather increases chances to overheat and get sunburn.

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I believe that individual and environmental factors have the most influence while interpersonal and community ones the least.

Healthy People 2010 Health Indicators

Considering those health indicators, pointed out by Healthy People 2010 (2010), I would say that the greatest impact on health and wellness of the population is made by access to healthcare; drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; and obesity. To receive appropriate healthcare, people today require insurance, which is rather expensive. As a result, many individuals do not consult a doctor even if they feel bad, as they are not able to afford it. Their condition worsens and, being not treated, they can communicate the disease to people around. Substance abuse and smoking are also critical, as people destroy not only their health. A lot of accidents happen because of drunk drivers, and passive smoking affects the general public. Obesity is the issue faced not only by Miami but by the whole country. It leads to serious health problems even for little children.

Media and Health Status

Promotion of health in my community is maintained with the help of various media. Healthcare and volunteer organizations often use the Internet to provide the representatives of the general public with the information they may need to improve their knowledge regarding health and its stats in Miami. For example, Miami Children’s Health Foundation (2016) even uploads the information on the events that are maintained to raise funds and improve children’s health within the community. Printed media provides information on the most serious health issues that are currently faced and includes contact information, which enhances access to care. Finally, television is used for such purposes. There are advertisements of medicines and establishments, and sometimes doctors appear on the screen to share their knowledge with the representatives of the general public. The usage of different media allows to reach diverse populations, which is a great benefit. Still, the most effective tool seems to be the Internet. It is rather available today and is used by the majority of the population. It makes the access to the information simpler and allows searching for any topic.


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