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Nursing Philosophy and Generally Used Practices

The purpose of the following paper is to develop a personal philosophy of nursing based on generally used practices. Such factors as sharing work experience and analyzing the widely used practical models of the present have led to the occurrence of the key concepts of the philosophy. In accordance with Alligood’s (2013) opinion, “this era saw the development of scholarship and the dissemination of early research findings” (p. 4). Familiarizing with those findings will assist with the development of further philosophical concepts.

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Masters (2014) states that, according to the adopted meta paradigms, “the person is viewed as a client or client system” (p. 129). Interrelations between client systems and nurses are normally based on the approach a nurse takes to deliver care to his or her client. Successful relationships, in this case, can only be arranged if a human being is accepted as an open energy field with a unique life experience (Rich, 2013).

The environment, however, plays a no less relevant part in the matters of healthcare delivery. As Smith and Parker (2015) point out, “the client unconsciously mobilizes all system variables to create a safe environment” (p. 172). By the environment, one means all of the morals, beliefs, values, experiences, and other mental factors finding reflection in human consciousness. These factors usually determine how fast or slow an individual adapts to outer circumstances.

Regarding health, it is viewed as a summation of physical, social, and moral realms that constantly influence each other on all levels. The nursing theory introduced by Papathanasiou, Sklavou, and Kourkouta (2013) has a similar definition of the concept, which is treated as a complex correlation of life processes referring to an individual’s well-being in a given environment.

However, as to the theory’s practical implementation, traditional nursing practices do not pay much attention to the earlier mentioned energy factors and mainly focus on anatomical components of the human health (Scott, Matthews, & Kirwan, 2014). This philosophy, however, takes a versatile approach to the nursing concept interpretation and considers all the involved spheres as parts of the whole.

Summarizing the results, the introduced philosophy cannot neglect the previous nursing experience. The findings of earlier conducted studies serve as the background for developing its major principles. Nevertheless, the philosophy sets forward its own vision of such concepts as client, environment, health, and nursing itself and takes new approaches to use them in day-to-day practice.


Alligood, M. R. (2013). Nursing theory-e-book: Utilization & application. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Health Sciences.

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