Nursing Professionalism and Innovations

General Plan

In the modern realm of the globalized environment, a nurse must focus on meeting the needs of an extremely diverse population. Therefore, a consistent acquisition of new skills and information about the needs of people belonging to specific cultures will be a necessity. Furthermore, unceasing improvement of nursing skills should be considered a necessity.

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Thus, the general plan for developing professionalism as a nurse will include acquiring the skills associated with the successful cross-cultural communication (particularly, the development of emotional intelligence (EI), empathy, conflict management, and negotiations based on compromise and collaboration) (Riley, 2015). In addition, the plan will incorporate the need for improving the professional skills such as the use of equipment, the knowledge of the traditional and the latest medication options, etc.

Characteristics of an Innovator

The focus on lifelong learning, which is associated with the consistent acquisition of cross-communication skills, is the component of the plan that defines me as an innovator. Furthermore, the focus on establishing a connection with patients should be deemed as an innovative approach. Finally, the focus on professional growth is what makes the specified approach innovative (Rosa, 2016).

Promoting Myself as a Leader

Apart from a focus on innovations, the framework for professional development described above allows developing leadership skills. For instance, the ability to use negotiation and conflict management techniques mentioned above can be viewed as an essential attribute of a leader. The use of conflicts as the means of improving the quality of nursing services as opposed to interpreting them as useless stumbling blocks on the way to success will help determine the areas that will require further improvements. Thus, the plan will allow me to built skills for leading a team. Therefore, my plan is bound to spur the development of leadership qualities as well, thus, making my leadership style take a specific form.


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