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Nursing Work Overload: The Neuman Systems Model

Theory Description and the Rationale for Selecting the Theory

There are many different nursing theories that aim at explaining the peculiarities of the health care system and the conditions under which people are able to get the required portion of help and assistance from nurses. Unfortunately, the cases of nurses’ workload are frequent indeed, and it is very important to incorporate the most appropriate theories in order to understand how to solve the problem and succeed in using the necessary solutions. Among a variety of nursing theories, the Neuman system model seems to be a successful decision for the problem under consideration as it focuses on the analysis of human relationship to stress, nurses’ abilities to react to it properly and prevent it, and explanations of how people should interact with their environment (Snowden, Donnell, & Duffy, 2014). Betty Neuman, the developer of the theory, admits that “it is a matter of stabilizing the system through nursing because stability is equated with well-being” (Kim & Kollak, 2006, p. 124). It serves as the best rationale for selecting this particular theory for the project as the theory helps to prevent stress’ invasion that is defined as one of the outcomes of nurses’ work overload.

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Explanations of How the Theory Works to Support the Solution

The Neuman system model is the theory that helps to support the solution offered previously. Nurses, as health care providers, take responsibility for a number of activities. They have to be ready to give appropriate pieces of advice, provide patients with various types of assistance, and improve personal qualities and skills on a regular basis. This is why the chosen theory as a possibility to improve interpersonal and intrapersonal relations should be used. The Neuman system model is designed in the way it can control “the interactions of the systems and their respective environments in terms of management of, defense against, and resistance to, stress” (Kim & Kollak, 2014, p. 124). As the solution offered in the project is based on the improvements of working conditions of nurses that may cause stress or job dissatisfaction (Carayon & Gurses, 2008), the effectiveness of the chosen theory is evident. Nurses have to comprehend how they can improve their working conditions and stay physically and psychologically stable in order to provide patients with a rationale care. Nurses cannot allow themselves breaking the rules or violating the required norms. Their main task is to become an exemplary worker and promote appropriate doctor-patient relations.

Possible Incorporation of the Theory in the Project

The Neuman theory may be incorporated in the project in several ways. The role of stress is crucial, and nurses should learn how to prevent it. The workload is a serious issue that has to be analyzed and considered in nursing practice. This is why the ideas offered by Neuman, like the identification of external and internal environment, promotion of stability at work, and evaluation of possible stressors, become a solid background for the project. The theory under consideration underlines the fact that the system of each person is unique; this is why it is necessary to search for particular approaches in order to solve a problem. The project aims at analyzing nursing practice from a variety of concerns that lead to workload. The understanding of the uniqueness of the problem can be very helpful to the researcher as well as it proves the necessity to search for interesting approaches of the problem solution.

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