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Nurture Versus Self Concept


Self concept is a term used to explain how people feel about themselves which determines how effectively they handle life experiences. Throughout the world, human beings have continued to question life’s reason. We often wonder what our essence in this world is and who we really are. In a bid to determine our purpose in this world, we seek to identify ourselves. More often than not, our self concept is determined by the kind of nurturing we receive from the people around us. This, in many cases, eventually determines who we later become in life.

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Throughout this essay; I will be talking about my self-concept. Writing about my life was a tough task. There is a lot that most people do not know about me. The toughest part was settling on what is essential and what people should know about me.


As a result of growing up being sexually abused by my stepfather, for several years I developed negative feelings about my physical appearance. Often, I view myself as plump and ugly. Despite the fact that my friends tell me that I am stunning, I hardly believe their encouraging compliments. The harassment by my step-father has robbed me of my confidence and self-esteem.

When it comes to games, no one has particularly influenced me much. Since my childhood days, I have had a passion in playing golf. I also adore swimming. As a matter of fact, whenever I am at home and during summer holidays, I spend most of my free time playing golf and swimming.

On the other hand, my elder brother has had a tremendous impact on me when it comes to academics. He seems to understand me better than anyone else. He knows what I want in life and encourages me to settle for nothing less than becoming the most outstanding neural surgeon in the world. He has encouraged me to do my best in school since I was in Kindergarten. What’s more, he has taught me on how to set my goals by advising me to always aim at the sun whenever I intend to land at the moon. As a result of her positive influence, I have developed trust in my ability to prosper in anything. Thanks to him, I am certain that I have what it takes to become a neural surgeon.

I have a tendency of comparing myself to other people around me. For instance, I constantly compare my physical appearance with those of attractive girls. At times, I become jealous and often find myself wishing if I looked like them. From time to time, I compare myself to renowned professionals because I admire their popularity.

Though my self-image has been prejudiced by both negative and positive influences, the negative side always seems to weigh me down. No matter how much I try, I cannot avoid thinking of how insignificant and unattractive I am. As a result; this affects my self-esteem and confidence negatively. I am unable to relate with my friends socially and lack the audacity to air my views when I am with them.

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Recently, after having a thorough analysis of myself, I came to conclude that, if I stop believing in what my step-father has pumped into my mind, I will come to appreciate myself more and actually develop a high self-esteem which is necessary for me to achieve my dream. I should also come to terms with the fact that I will never be what am not. After all, I am the paramount person to discover myself. This is because I know what I have, and what I do not. What I can do and what I cannot. I need to stay focused on my dream.

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