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Nutrition: How to Prepare Scrambled Eggs?

Our life consists of millions of actions and processes which we perform every day. Usually, we do them unconsciously, without even thinking about them or taking into account some peculiarities of their behavior. However, each process has its algorithm according to which it carries. Peculiarities of this algorithm determine the eventual result and the grade of success achieved due to this process.

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That is why it is possible to suggest that a person who performs some action perfectly can suggest his step by step guide of performing the same process for people to get acquainted with it and try to adapt all unique peculiarities which can help them to avoid mistakes and achieve better results. With this in mind, I am going to create a step by step guide of the process of creation of wonderful scrambled eggs.

The main secret is that I take it as a very serious process, that is why preparations have to be so serious. First of all, you should decide how many eggs you need. There is a direct correlation between your hunger and the number of eggs used. Usually, I take three eggs. However, eggs are not the only part of this dish. The first time I cooked it, I used almost everything which was in the fridge. Since that time, I have developed my skill and created a precise recipe.

You will also need tomato juice, butter, bacon, green, and different seasoning. All these products create a wonderful combination which will satisfy the strict demands of any gastronome. All these products should be prepared before the process starts as there will be no time while cooking. Having prepared all the ingredients, it is possible to go to the next stage.

First of all, you have to break eggs into some commodious plate. Such kind of the plate is needed as the next step demands some effort, and in case of undue exertion, all kitchen can become bedaubed with remains of your perfect dish. Having broken eggs into this plate, you should take a utility whisk and start beating them.

It is a very important process and you have to do it properly. While beating eggs, it is recommended to add salt, pepper, and all other seasonings according to your taste. Having done it, attention should be given to a frying pan. It should be on the range and warmed up. This step is important for you no to scrape your dish from it. While heating the pan, some butter should also be added. You can even move butter over the pan for it to melt faster if you do not have a conscience.

Melting of butter can be a signal that the pan is heated and it is turned for tomato juice to be added. You should spill it on the pan. Use no more than 100 – 200ml of it. Make the fire slower and watch the juice. The moment when it starts boiling signals you that the time for bacon has come.

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Put some pieces on the pan and wait for them to become prepared or at least to become warm if you have no much time. Having ascertained that bacon is already heated, you can understand that the time for eggs has come. You can spill contents of the dish on the pan. You should watch whipped eggs to cover all pan evenly, without any spaces.

The next stage is very simple. Your task is to reduce fire and cover your pan with a hood. It is important for our dish to become prepared it the way we need. Slow fire can guarantee that eggs will not burn. The hood, at the same time, will help to create the needed temperature inside.

That is why our eggs will become evenly warmed and fried. Your main actions during this process are not very complicated. You should watch the fire for it no to be sharp and sometimes open the hood to see whether our eggs are ready. Glassy hood would be an ideal variant. You can read a book or listen to music while waiting for eggs to become fried.

The last stage is the easiest and the most pleasant. You should turn off the fire and put your pan on the table. It is up for you to decide whether to eat your dish from the pan or to put it on the plate. Do not forget to decorate your dish with green. You can also use tomato sauce and some other sauces if you want.

Having outlined this process, it is possible to say that it is a very detailed guide and it gives all the information needed to reproduce it somewhere in the other place. I hope, I managed to transfer my skills to new people and made a great contribution to the development of culinary art in the world. This dish is easy to prepare, though it is very nutritious and can give you a pleasant feeling of satisfaction. Surprise your close people with this dish.

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