Bedside Reporting Practice

Major Points of the Article

The article “Incorporating Bedside Reporting into Change-of-Shift Report” supports the importance of positive nursing practices. According to Laws (2010, p. 70), “bedside change-of-shift reporting has the potential to empower both patients and caregivers”. Every patient expects to be “involved in the decision regarding his or her health condition” (Laws, 2010, p. 70). Clinicians must provide accurate and adequate information when there is a change-of-shift.

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This practice can promote the safety and health of different patients. The practice can also improve the level of communication in different healthcare institutions. Bedside reporting encourages caregivers “to respond to different issues whenever there is a change-of-shift” (Laws, 2010, p. 71).

A large number of patients understand their health needs and expectations. According to the author, nurses should embrace the power of bedside reporting. This practice will ensure every patient is part of the nursing process. According to Laws (2010, p. 72), “change-of-shift reporting has takes place away from the patient”. This practice has resulted in lack of confidentiality, effectiveness, and consistency.

The continued use of bedside reporting can produce numerous benefits. The practice uses an effective method of communication. This practice addresses the needs of different nurses and patients. The practice will eventually improve the quality of patient support. The practice also promotes teamwork.

Every “patient witnesses a professional transfer of medical responsibilities” (Laws, 2010, p. 71). The practice also addresses most of the communication challenges affecting many healthcare institutions. This article supports the use of bedside reporting because it improves the quality of patient care.

The strategy encourages patients to collaborate with their nurses. The practice also improves the level of accountability and performance. The increased level of job satisfaction also promotes teamwork in every health organization (Laws, 2010). This powerful article explains why bedside reporting should become a powerful practice in every healthcare institution.

How the Information in the Article will Support my Nursing Practice

The information and ideas presented in this article will support my nursing practice. I have encountered several challenges and obstacles that affect my nursing practice. According to Laws (2010, p. 74), “the level of communication in many healthcare facilities fails to support the changing needs of different patients” (Laws, 2010, p. 74).

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My goal is make bedside reporting a critical aspect of my nursing practice. This strategy will ensure every nurse embraces the practice. Many theorists and scholars support the use of bedside reporting because of its benefits. My dream is improve the quality of healthcare delivered to every patient. This approach will make me a competent provider of quality health services (Laws, 2010).

Bedside reporting should become a critical practice in every medical facility. I am ready to involve my patients in every decision-making process. This practice will make it easier for me to address the health issues affecting my patients. I will always listen attentively to my patients in order to become the best provider of quality nursing care.

I will also encourage “every supervisor to implement bedside reporting in his or her nursing institution” (Laws, 2010, p. 73). The practice will ensure every nursing facility addresses the needs of its employees and patients. I will also encourage my workmates to embrace the strengths and benefits of bedside reporting. This practice will support my nursing philosophy and eventually make me a competent provider of quality care.


Laws, D. (2010). Incorporating Bedside Reporting into Change-of-Shift Report. Rehabilitation Nursing, 35(1), 70-74.

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